Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Avery is Two Months Old!

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 Sleep: You are still an amazing sleeper and it's only gotten better. You sleep for one 7 hour stretch at night, and then a second 4-5 hour stretch. You normally eat for the last time between 7 - 8 pm, and will wake again around 2 - 3 am. I feed you and then you sleep again until 7 - 8 am.
Baths: Baths are still hit or miss with you. Sometimes you seem to find it calming, and sometimes it makes you really mad. Most of your baths are at your grandparent's house with the help of grandpa and grandma.
Social: You are so social these days! You are cooing and "talking" all the time. You love to smile and stare at people. I read you your first book a few days ago and you LOVED it! Your eyes lit up and you looked at all of the pages. It completely captivated your attention. Each time I turned a page you would kick your feet and coo. We have story time a couple of times a day now.
Food: You are still eating every two hours during the day which definitely makes it hard to go anywhere for more than an hour or two. We have met friends for lunch, and meet daddy for lunch once a week. But anything longer than that, I know that I will need to feed you in the car since mommy isn't comfortable nursing in public yet :-) Two weeks ago you weighed 11 pounds, I'm guessing maybe you weigh 12 pounds now. Which also means you are quickly outgrowing your 3 MONTH clothes!
Your little lip turn still gets to us every time! You are such a happy baby that it's so sad (and entertaining) to watch your lip start to turn.
 You have also started "standing" when we put our hand under your feet. You get super stiff and grunt and lift your head so high. You love it!
You really like tummy time, which I know a lot of babies don't. When you are done you curl up like a stink bug and look around the room fairly content.
You are an absolute joy to everyone around you. I fall in love with you every single day. You are so happy and smart and looking at you makes my heart swell. I just want the very best for you.

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