Thursday, December 26, 2013

E.L.E.V.E.N months

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The very last time I can refer to you in months only. You are going to be a big one year old next month, and I don't think I'm ready for it. The amount of changing you did during your tenth month is amazing.

Stats: We haven't had a dr. visit in a couple of months so I'm not sure exactly how much you weigh. You are still in size 3 diapers, and you fit in 12 month clothing pretty perfectly. In some of the tight leggings, 12-18 months fit you better. We also got you a big girl car seat! Although we haven't installed it yet.
New: You took your first steps right when you turned 10 months old. I kinda thought you'd be walking by the end of the month but you will still only take a few steps at a time before you get nervous and either dive for us, or quickly sit down. I'm in NO RUSH. I already feel like you are all over the place, I'm not looking forward to chasing you around restaurants and parking lots.
Your favorite place to hang out is the stairs. We put up a baby gate, but you'll stand on the bottom step and just hang onto the gate and laugh and talk. It's your favorite place to be. 

You got two more teeth on top! So you have 4 on top and 2 on bottom. I can't believe it. 
For awhile now when I've tried to feed you, you will grab the spoon and help me put it in your mouth. The other day you really didn't want to let go of the spoon so I let you have it. You started scooping up oatmeal and shoveling it in your mouth. It definitely go in your hair, eyelashes, and smeared all over your face but it was the cutest thing in the world. STOP GROWING!
Words: My favorite thing this month is that we can ask you, "What does the doggy say?" and you reply, "ruff ruff ruff" and it's the cutest thing in the world. We've added, "what does the kitty say?" and you say in the cutest voice I've ever heard "mew mew mew" and "what does the lion say?" and you will growl like the exorcist haha. You have also started to say "miw miwl" (milk milk) when you want to nurse and have even started pulling down my shirt to make sure your food is still there waiting for you. I can also ask you, "Where is mama's nose?" and you'll grab my nose and laugh.
Sleep: You are still going to bed consistently at 6:30 and you will sleep between 10-12 hours. While your teeth were coming in you were waking up at 4:45 so I'd bring you into bed with me and nurse you for an hour and try and get more sleep. Your naps still suck. They are no more than 30 minutes long. You still take a morning nap, and an afternoon nap. Aaaaaand you must have just heard me type that because you woke up from your nap right at 34 minutes. 


Sunday, December 22, 2013

December Citrus Lane Box

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Our Christmas Citrus Lane box came in the mail yesterday and it was by far my favorite one! I always add up the total value of the products to make sure that these boxes continue to be worth it hehe, and it definitely was this month! 
Have any of you used this hand print ornament thingy?  
I totally wrapped the book and the puzzle for Avery for Christmas.

Here's a look at our goodies this month:
Handprint Keepsake Ornament $15 value (I almost bought this at Buy Buy Baby the other day and I'm so glad I waited!)
Full-size Snuggly Lotion by Episencial $9.50 (all organic ingredients!)
total value: $41


Monday, December 16, 2013

2013 Family Photos...and a giveaway

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As most of you know my husband and I bought a condo in October. It's coming along slowly, but all of the projects we've been working on are finally being completed! Currently my husband is working on our fireplace. So far only the mantle is completed and the stone work is almost done. Of course I have about 37 different ideas for ways to decorate our mantle, but they all include this canvas that we ordered from Easy Canvas Prints. We had some family Christmas photos taken last month by the talented Emily Tingley from Oopsy Daisy Photography 
...and this one might be my very favorite. 
It is 8x10 and .75 inches thick (athough they have ones that are even thicker at 1.5 inches).
We also ordered an 11x14 print with a mirror image edge instead of the white edge. We love them both! 
You can see the difference in the images below.
I realize that most of my giveaways have been geared towards moms and babies, and while most mamas would love to receive a gorgeous canvas print of their babe, this is actually a giveaway that everyone will enjoy. 
I'm giving away a free 8x10 canvas print of your own.

Simply leave a comment below and I'll choose a winner at random on Wednesday morning! :-) As usual, this giveaway is mostly hosted using Instagram (@amira143), so if you leave a comment there as well you will be entered twice.

Aaaaand as a Christmas gift to all of my readers, I'd like to offer 50% off a canvas print of your own, with free shipping! 

*Easy Canvas Prints is also affiliated with and which offer more custom print options and ideas.

aaaand here are the rest of my favorites :-) 


Monday, December 9, 2013

Aztec Headband (A giveaway)

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Another great Etsy shop for you guys! 
Avery has two Little Winter headbands and we aren't sure which one we love more. Her trendy turban-style aztec headwrap, or her glitter band with chevron bow that she wore in her Santa pictures.
Doesn't she kind of look like a miniature Rosy the Riveter in her little button down and turban headband? Hehe.
Both of them are made from high quality fabrics, and are perfectly constructed. 
All of her accessories mix different patterns and colors! 
Little Winter is offering one of my followers the opportunity to pick any item from her shop
Choosing which one you love most will be the only difficult part.
To enter is simple:

1. Leave a comment on my Instagram giveaway photo (@amira143) to let me know you are following Little Winter (@justinesimmons).

For extra entries:
-Each friend you tag on my instagram picture will be counted as an extra entry.
-repost my instagram picture and use #littlewintergiveaway for 5 extra entries.
-Leave a comment below to let me know what your favorite item is from her shop
-Pin one of your favorite items and comment below with the pinterest link

I will pick the winner at random at the end of the week! Good luck :-)


Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Citrus Lane Box!

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We were so stoked with our Citrus Lane box this month! 
Let's take a look at what Avery got:
  • a Bumkins bib - our favorite! The large pocket in the front catches all the food and it's waterproof which makes cleaning a cinch $6.95
  • and free address labels from Tiny Prints with purchase $7
=$45 dollar value
They are currently offering $10 off your first box.
Which means you can spend $12 for $45 worth of baby products. If you don't have a baby, consider gifting a subscription to a mom. I can't tell you what a great gift that would be to receive.
Avery was pretty stoked that it poured water :-)
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