Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Love Fest - DIY Cupcake Pom Poms

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I could not wait to start decorating for Valentine's day.
Overnight it went from December to February in our house.
January who?

That being said I could not wait to link up with Hollie
for Love Fest. 

I'm always looking for crafts that I can do with cupcake liners
because I have so many of them. 
So when I found this pinterest tutorial I knew I'd be making them in no time.
                                                         Source: karaspartyideas.blogspot.com via Lenzi on Pinterest

Cupcake Liner Pom Poms
You'll need: 
-Hot Glue Gun
-Cupcake Liners (at least 100)
-Sewing pins
-Styrofoam ball

1. Take two liners and place a pin through the center 2. Fold/scrunch around the pin 3. Place a tiny bit of hot glue on the tip 4. Push into the styrofoam ball 5. You can "fluff" them as you go (pull them open slightly) 6. I just stuck a pipe cleaner into the top and hung from our chandelier.
So it's super easy but each one took up more time than I had anticipated. I also made a pom pom flower to stick in one of our vases {which can be up in our house all year round and worth the time it took to make it.} 

I cannot wait to see what other Valentine's goodies my crafty friends come up with!


Gift exchange & a few words from Lucy

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So awhile back, Alicia from The Crowley Party decided it would be fun to host a Blogger Gift Giveaway. 
We all got paired up and were instructed to send our designated blogger a small gift.
Mine came in the mail last night and couldn't be any prettier!
First and foremost I'd like to introduce you to Laura from Our Reflection.
She's a beautiful wife, mother and passionate photographer who lives in California. 

Our Reflection
When Brandon announced that I got a package in the mail, I knew exactly who it must be from! Sweet, sweet Laura sent me this beautiful necklace adorned with peacock feathers and a tiny bird. 
I love jewelry and I love this necklace. Can't wait to wear it. Thanks Laura! And thanks Alicia for hosting such a fun affair :-)

On a completely separate note, and in the spirit of link-ups, Kodi from Leaving My Mark has so graciously offered to let our dogs take over our blogs for the day. Being the LAZY creature that Lucy is, she let out a big sigh when I asked her to take five minutes out of her day to write a few words. 


Ugh, she's taking pictures of me again. This always puts pressure on me to do something really exciting. Plus, I know they're going to end up all over the internet. Maybe if I pretend to fall asleep standing up she'll stop...
 Wow. No such luck - creeper is still watching me.
Maybe if I stop acknowledging her altogether she'll let me go back to bed.
I could lick my toes while I wait - seems like as good a past-time as any.
Oh man,  all of this fake-sleeping stuff has tuckered me out. I've had a long day. They insist on putting my food and water bowl a good seven feet from my heated bed, so I have to crawl out of my warm cocoon every time I'm thirsty.  Can't a girl catch a break in this house?
 This sunny spot looks nice and warm. I'm just gonna close my eyes for a few minutes...


Monday, January 30, 2012

Nautical Nails

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It's Monday.
On the bright side I got my nails done yesterday which is bound to make me smile for the remainder of the day.
I've never worn blue polish before, but I really liked it with the white stripes and little red heart. Hey, it's almost Valentine's day after all. Speaking of Valentine's day, the husband and I are so romantic that we've decided we'll probably celebrate Valentine's day the day before since A. Restaurants are stupidly busy on the actual day, and B. I gave Brandon permission to play softball on Tuesday. I know, major wife points for me. 

Anyone else making Valentine's plans already?


Sunday, January 29, 2012

80 degrees

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It was 80 degrees all weekend long in Encinitas.
This means I got to bust out the summer dresses and sandals.
We also got to ride around town in the jeep with the windows off.
Everyone seems to have come out of hibernation. The streets are filled with people riding bikes in their swim trunks, walking their dogs, and enjoying frozen yogurt. Hope everyone is having a great weekend. Chat with you all tomorrow. 


Friday, January 27, 2012

Friday's Letters

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Dear Husband- I'm so excited to go with you to Medieval Times this weekend. I can't wait to eat food with our bare hands, call our waitress a "wench" and scream for bloodshed cheer for our favorite knight.

Dear Sponsors- with February quickly approaching I want to thank all of you wonderful ladies. I've loved having each and every one of you. Starting next month, I'll have 10 open 200x200 spots available. I'm going to try and keep it at 15 so your button will have more visibility. If you'd like to swap (or continue swapping) for the month of February shoot me an email and let me know :-) I'd love for you to do a guest post and introduce yourself!

Dear ugly blank wall - you've taunted me with your blankness for far too long. We've been staring at you for eight long months and this weekend you will be history. You're going to get some pretty accessories in the form of shelves, frames and vases. Then you'll be prettier to look at {but don't let it go to your head.}

Dear bathroom at work - I found an empty can of whipped cream in one of your stalls besides the toilet. I found this very disturbing and stared at it the entire time I peed. It's been 24 hours and I still can't stop agonizing about how it got there. Somebody tell me who eats whipped cream from the can, ON the can, AT work?! Anybody?

I am soooo looking forward to this weekend.  It was kind of a long week at work and I think I am coming down with a cold. Boo.

Have an amazing weekend!


Thursday, January 26, 2012

Nibble on his ear

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I was going through old photos and came across some from our honeymoon. Somehow I convinced Brandon to let the hotel's photographer follow us around and do a photo shoot.
You guys, it was hysterical. 
The cheesy poses.
Oh, the cheese.
"Lean against the tree"
"Run on the beach"
"Kick your leg out"
"Kiss her neck"

We laughed the entire time because it was so silly and the photographer was SO serious. 
{although some of the pictures really did turn out great}
I actually really love the photo above
"Kiss her neck" I wish you could see how hard we laughed between shots. I can tell by Brandon's face he's gonna crack at any minute.
"Nibble on his ear"
We have 200 of these. 
I couldn't help but break out in laughter looking at all of them again.
B- I say we do this same photo shoot on our 50th wedding anniversary.


Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Pinteresting Girl Crush

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The ultimate of girl crushes for me is Rachel McAdams.
I think she's stunning and classy and I want to be her best friend.
She exudes confidence. 
{Plus, she'll always be Allie to me.}
Today all I felt like pinning was her.
Oh, How Pinteresting
-Girl Crush Edition- 

Source: tumblr.com via Rachel on Pinterest

I think the only other celebrity that could hold a candle to Rachel is her ex-bf, Ryan.
"Oh hey there blue eyes, you lookin at me?"
Source: google.ca via Emily on Pinterest

I mean seriously?
So, what are you pinning?

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Little Amira

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Today I'm linking up with Mary
from Mary in Marriedland
for Flashback Tuesday!

Look at this gem I found on my computer. My dad emailed it to me about 6 months ago. First of all, check out the side pony -- straight outta the 80's I tell ya. Why am I wearing a glove? Your guess is probably as good as mine. Perhaps my younger brother and I were performing an MJ concert? {That's Michael Jackson for those of you not in the know.} Lastly, I would like to thank my parents for the braces. Really. Thanks Mom & Dad.

Doesn't anyone else want to share their smaller, slightly more awkward self?

Mary in Marriedland


Monday, January 23, 2012

Time with the fam bam

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This weekend was a rainy one in sunny southern California.
While Brandon went camping with some of his friends,
Lucy and I decided to bundle up in our raincoats and go to my parent's house. 
It was nice to spend quality time with my parents and brothers. 
They live on acreage with beautiful views of valleys and ranches. 
And I got to have some fun with my new lens.
The Robert De'niro
Before we knew it, it was time to get back on the road and head home. 
Look what was waiting for me. 
My new bracelet from Fetch & Co
Why yes, that is a little gun. 
You'll have to check out her shop.
There are so many cute ones to choose from. 

On a separate note,
Brandon texted me while I was at my parent's house to let me know that he came home and the house felt like a sauna. Seems that I left the heater on 85 degrees and it was blasting for 24 hours. oops. Can't wait to get that bill.

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