Our Story

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Once upon a time in a college memoir class,
there was a boy with tattoos who always had something smart to say.
This caught the attention of a shy girl who never read her stories aloud.

She told him that he looked like an American Idol contestant
{anyone remember beat-boxing Blake?}
And he told her he liked her shoes
{slip-on vans}.

They began spending time together between classes,
and talking on the phone all night.
They fell in love.

When she graduated from college a few months later,
she moved to Carlsbad with her best friend Kandi,
{to be nearer to the boy}.

May 2007
  A year later the boy started law school.

Another year passed and the boy and girl took a winter trip to Europe.
They explored Amsterdam, Germany, Paris and Belgium together.
On Christmas, the boy got down on one knee and asked the girl to be his wife.

Christmas in Belgium, 2009.

Ten months later,
under large oak trees and hanging lanterns,
they made a promise
and were married.
October 2010
The boy and the girl are living happily ever after
with their four-legged daughter, Lucy
{a total pip squeak}.

The end.

{But really it's just the beginning.} 

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