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Hi, I'm Amira.
I was born and raised in Southern California
and in my 30 years have (sadly) never lived anywhere else.
I've just yet to go anywhere that I love more than my sunny little bubble.
That hasn't stopped me from traveling.
I've been all over the place from the Caribbean, to Europe, to the Middle East.
I have my Bachelor's in Literature & Writing and assumed after graduation
that I was done with college.
Two years later, I began worrying that my brain cells would shrivel up
and blow away.
I found myself in grad school.
I finished my Master's of Library and Information Sciences two months before we welcomed our daughter,
Avery Monroe.
I am now a stay at home mommy and I am loving every minute of it. 
It is the most challenging and rewarding job I've ever had
{and man, is it a job.}
What started as a travel blog, evolved into a wedding blog
and has now become a place for me to keep friends, family
{and fellow bloggers}
updated on the ins and outs of our lives.


Nay said...

You're in SoCal! Me too:)

Mrs. T said...

girl! love your blog! would you want to ad swap?? =) =)

Jess said...

You're adorable and I love your travel turned wedding turned life blog.

Mayra Romero said...

I love your blog!!!

Shannon Bridge said...

Do you recall where that white lace dress is from? absolutely love it!

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