About the Mr.

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Meet Brandon.
He, too, was born and raised in Southern California
 in a little beach town near the ocean.
A fellow traveler, he lived in England for a short time
and made his way through most of Europe.

He graduated with his Bachelor's in Literature & Writing
{and may or may not have met his future wife in class}.

When we met, he was the lead singer of an 80's cover band.
He rode a motorcycle, worked on old cars, surfed, and welded metal to make furniture.
He has lots of pretty tattoos
{although I'm sure he wouldn't appreciate me calling them pretty}.

He decided on a whim to go to law school, not realizing he would kick its butt.
He was the Executive Editor of the Law Review Journal
and graduated in the top 2% of his class. 
He's now a fancy shmancy attorney.

Everywhere we go, someone tells him that he looks like someone else.
My dad calls him Drew Brees.
I guess he just has one of those faces.

He never has anything bad to say about anyone
and is one of the kindest people I know.
Seeing him with our daughter makes my heart so full.
I feel lucky everyday to be his wife and partner in life.
I still can't believe that I get to keep him,
and he's all mine.
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