Sunday, June 22, 2014

Donut Bar Bridal Shower

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Saturday was my best friend Kandi's bridal shower. What a fun time we had! We decided to go with brunch so we served VG's Donuts (hands down the best donuts I've ever had), bagels from Einstein's and fruit cups with a whipped topping. We had a mimosa bar with a couple different juice and berry options (thank you Kelly for providing an entire case of champagne and all the juices and berries!) I found a chalkboard label template online and made each guest a mason jar with their name. I bought the adorable straws with personalized flag from Angie Hearts Jared on Etsy. I made all of the chalkboard signs in photoshop and then had them printed at kinkos. I used spray adhesive to adhere them to poster board. I'm selling them in my Etsy shop! Kandi's mom made the gorgeous tassle banner out of yarn, and I made the Kandi & Matt banner using the bunting that I bought from Target and then printing enormous letters out of cardstock. My mom ordered gorgeous handmade soaps as favors, and we played a couple of games. I found the ENORMOUS 4 foot donut pool floatie at Paper Source (but bought it on amazon for $10 cheaper). I cut all of the donut garland from paper at Paper Source, and glued them onto glitter ribbon. We attached them to the enormous 36 inch balloons behind Kandi's chair (but I didn't get a really good picture at the shower so I'm sharing the pictures I took at my house before). I, okay my husband, made the gold sparkle K & M letters by buying paper mache letters and spraying them with gold glitter spray paint and then sprinkling gold glitter on top. My mom rented a helium tank so we could blow up close to 30 balloons (although you can't see many of them in the picures). There you have it. Wow, that was a mouthful.
Welcome Bridal Shower Sign
Instagram Hashtag Sign
All You Need Is Love Sign
 aaaaand we had a ball opening presents. She's set for life in the lingerie department.
I love, love, love planning parties. I think my dream job would be to do it for wealthy people, so my budget was endless :-)

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