Monday, March 29, 2010

Dessert Bar -- Le Petite Kupkak

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So Brandon and I have decided to do a dessert bar
in lieu of a traditional wedding cake.
Most of you know that I have a mild obsession with cupcakes
and I'd love to have them at our wedding.

I reached out to Melissa Atkinson, owner of Le Petite Kupkak
{who I have known since we were on the High School Year Book staff together}
Not only are her cupcakes adorable, but the recipes are always unique.
We aren't sure yet what we're doing but I think we're going to have
a variety of cupcakes and cookies...maybe some candy. 

Brandon is just excited about doing a tasting :-) 
Tell me these don't make your mouth water!

To check out more of Melissa's amazing cupcakes,
you can visit her website 
or you can email her directly at

Thursday, March 25, 2010

DJ Daniel

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So yesterday Brandon and I met up (between jobs and class meetings) to meet with DJ Daniel. He was the DJ for Kelly and Anders' wedding last year in April and he came highly recommended. We met at his home studio for about an hour and quickly realized how experienced he was. Brandon had said only one thing before we went, and that was, "I just want to know what equipment he uses." Well the answer he gave Brandon was a good one, and we'll be letting him know today that we'd like to book him for our wedding :-) Not only is he affordable but he's so experienced with music and mixing. We're going to be getting a big packet filled with songs so we can star our favorites and cross out genres or songs that we don't like. I'm super excited for that part :-) There is also a huge coordinator packet, that will essentially be a detailed play-by-play of our wedding. I love that he will be the one to keep us on schedule and ease us from one part of the wedding to the next.

Contact Info:

Name: Daniel Peterson



Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Flowers and colors

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Johnny and I met with a florist a few weeks ago that was referred to my by Kelly and Sarah. I met up with Johnny after work, and we drove to her office. I was a little overwhelmed after the meeting because I realized that I cannot use both of the ideas/themes I was envisioning for my wedding. Originally I wanted to use damask table runners, and have tall calla lillies for centerpieces...I was picturing the colors of the wedding to be black, white and green (like flower stems). But, after scouring so many wedding blogs and magazines I realized my taste was shifting. The rustic look is what appeals to me (obviously, considering our venue) and I really want to use different sized jars and vases for the centerpieces. I am picturing a "wild flower" look.  Not exactly like these pictures but this kinda gives you an idea of the style I'm drawn towards :-)

So after meeting with the florist she recommended that I not use the busy damask table runners unless I wanted to stick with something more modern and uniform like the calla lilies. I had a hard time letting the damask go, but I think I'm heading in more of a direction that I love. This made me question something else that I had known for certain...that my bridesmaids would wear black. It started to seem like a harsh color with the romantic, vintage, rustic I went from considering a dress like this one:

to something in a softer color:

I really fell in love with this particular dress from anthropologie (that kandi is wearing above) because of the flowy layers and the cut. They are very simple which would give each bridesmaid free reign to accessorize it however she wanted. I really loved all the head bands that kandi tried on with it :-)

So anyway, I've changed quite a few things during the past month, but I feel happy with the direction! It better suits the invitations and save-the-dates I had custom made on etsy :-) More about that to come!

Catch up!

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Well, it's been a few months since Brandon and I got back from Europe and I've decided that I kind of miss blogging. A friend of mine recommended that I continue, especially during the wedding planning process, as some details are sure to be forgotten with time.  And I think that's a great idea :-)

The past three months have flown by! I'm still working at the Staffing Firm during the day, and the library a few nights a week. This has made homework and wedding planning quite the challenge.  However, I don't think anyone is busier than Brandon.  As if studying and being a member of the Law Review and Moot Court wasn't enough...he now works 24 hours a week for a lawfirm downtown! He was also just recently elected as the executive editor of the Law Review.  Needless to say, we've really had to make it a point to "schedule" time to see each other.  He sometimes studies at the library while I'm working, or I read on his couch while he studies :-) I couldn't be more proud and have never met someone that works so hard and complains so little.

But on to the good stuff! A little catch up on wedding progress... As most of you know, we booked the Temecula Creek Inn for our reception and ceremony. I had seen pictures from other weddings that took place there and always knew it was beautiful but I had no idea I would fall so in love with it. Brandon, Kandi and I went with my parents to go "venue shopping"  a few months ago, and after seeing the enormous oak trees with adorable hanging lanterns, charming stone house, and fields of green we knew it had to be the one. 

I  did find my dress last month, although I don't think I'll be posting a picture of it incase Brandon becomes a reader of this blog :-) But I absolutely fell head over heels. When Chelsea, Brittney and Jess were visiting me to celebrate the engagement we went to this little bridal store to try on dresses for fun. It was one of the first few that I found! I still made myself shop around a bit for a few weeks afterwards, but ultimately I went back to it. It's not at all what I expected I would pick!

Another HUGE find was our photographers. They are absolutely amazing. I found them when I was looking at a friend's family pictures on facebook. I loved the style and scheduled an appt to meet with Greg and Tim from Brightwood photography. They were a little younger than we expected, as they are both still in college but we knew we liked their photography style. We took our engagement pictures in Tenaja right by my parent's house at the end of January, and we were so happy when we got them back. They captured exactly what we were looking for!

In fact, the pictures were a cover feature on my latest blog obsession ( !!

Check out the article :-) I highly recommend Brightwood to anyone!
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