Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Aim Baby Leggings

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Okay, I'm sorry - but have you seen these little crown royalty leggings by Aim Baby
I follow her on instagram (AIMBABYSHOP) and I'm constantly tormented by the adorable leggings that I do not own.
Each pair is hand-sewn and printed on organic cotton with non-toxic ink. 
The fabric is so soft and thick enough to keep your little one warm. 
I love that the waist band is not super tight! They run slightly looser, so at 23 pounds and 14 months old, Avery wears the 12 month size. Can you tell she adores them?
These royalty leggings are my favorite (the crowns come in black, blue and purple as well) but they have so many adorable prints available. A lot of them are uni-sex so they'd be perfect for little boys as well. 

The best news of all is that Aim Baby Shop is offering a generous 20% off their leggings for the next three days. Make sure to snag a pair (or two) between now and Friday night!
Trust me, they do not go on sale very often.

*Cardigan from Old navy, platinum moccasins by Tayts Shop
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