Tuesday, August 14, 2012

18 Weeks

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Brandon and I are slowly getting settled in to the new place. Our bedroom, garage, kitchen and both bathrooms are unpacked, but the amount of boxes still in the guest room baby room are overwhelming. As soon as everything is organized, I'll share pictures.
I contemplated making the bed just for the picture but decided against it.
How Far Along: 18 weeks
Size of the Baby: A large Mango
Maternity Clothes: I've purchased a couple of maternity shirts and dresses that are still too big. My bella bands are working perfectly :-)
Stretch marks: Nope
Weight gain: In total, about 9 pounds so far. It's definitely not that exciting watching the scale move every week.
Sleep: Still enjoying it :-) The heat has made it a little uncomfortable though. I'm so thankful every day that I will not be in my third trimester during the summer!
Best Moment of the Week: Spending most of the weekend in the pool! It's nice to have a tan again :-)
Movement: Brandon and I finally felt the little twitches on Saturday night! I could feel something fluttering on the inside, and quickly grabbed Brandon's hand. I didn't think he'd be able to feel it, but we both went "whoa" at the same time when peanut moved.
Symptoms: I'm still tired...I still have enormous boobs.
Food Cravings: Nothing specific - just food in general.
Gender: We'll be able to share this Friday when they confirm the sex - I'm so excited and hoping I don't have to return any of the outfits I've purchased :-)
Belly Button in or out: In
Anything making you queasy or sick: No, and I am thankful for this every single day.
Labor Signs: No
Wedding ring on or off: On
What I miss: having more energy
What I am looking forward to: We're having our quad screening and ultrasound this Friday, and I'm looking forward to hearing that everything is great and baby is healthy!
Nursery: still filled with boxes from the move.
Emotions: Pretty steady :-)



vickichristine said...

yes, you are very lucky not to be at the end during the summer! i'm going to have to "plan" this better next time around. ;) lookin' good momma.

The Not Quite Military Wife said...

Oh how I love your bump!!! And really, who makes the bed when they are pregnant :) Back in the day when we had energy, I might have considered it!! Can't wait to find out what it's going to be!

Lauren Talon said...

You look adorable!

Fran said...

how exciting you got to feel little flutters!

jessica said...

Amira!! oh my world where have i been?! i am so behind, i didn't even know you were pregnant! that is so exciting fo reals, girl. I am so happy for you and your hubs, what a special time.


Whitney said...

you look so cute!

Melissa said...

Cute, cute, cute! I am excited about the gender confirmation! That's so awesome that you felt him/ her move!

Jasmine said...

Stunning! Can't wait to keep reading about your pregnancy :-) xx

Amanda C. said...

You look so cute! Can't wait to find out the sex. Are you hoping for a boy or a girl?

beina said...

My God!!!
It's wonderful!!!

Lottie said...

you have the cutest little baby bump :)

and i love it when jonny and i feel the little kicks it is so amazing. and they are only going to get stronger for you :)

Katherine Krieg said...

sooooooooo exciting!!!! you are so adorable!!!

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