Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Four Months

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Stats: At your 4 month appointment you were 15.2 pounds (67th percentile), 25.75 inches long (92nd percentile!) and your head was 43 cm (also the 92nd percentile!) You were kind of a shorty when you were born (20.5 inches) so this surprised me!

Sleep: Well, the last four weeks have shown me that just when I think you have a schedule - you'll change it on me! We have been experiencing the 4 month sleep regression. You started waking up at 1 am and 4 am again. Those were a tough few weeks! In the last few days, you have started sleeping from 7:30 pm - 5:30 am. 10 hours all in your crib! It's been a dream, but I know that at anytime you can switch it up on me. I never know what kind of night we'll have when I lay down to go to sleep at night. You definitely keep me on my toes. 
Food: We're still exclusively breastfeeding. It blows me away that you can get so fat on just a liquid diet. You are definitely showing signs of being interested in what we are eating, but we are trying to wait until you are 6 months old to introduce you to solid food. I just think your little digestive system could benefit from waiting a little longer. I'm so excited about it though that I've already bought your baby food maker, and your highchair!
Milestones: You rolled over for the first time at 15 weeks. It was so exciting. All day long I had been videotaping you laying on your belly and almost turning over. When your dad got home from work we were all laying on the floor in your room, and I was showing him the videos and telling him it would be any day now. Well the timer dinged in the kitchen, so I left the room for ONE minute to take dinner out of the oven and daddy yells, "Amira, she just rolled over!!!!!" Sure enough you had turned over on to your back! I was sad to miss it, but glad that daddy got to see :-) You rolled over for me the next day. And haven't really done it since.
Exercise: We also pulled out the excersaucer because all you want to do is stand up!! As long as someone is holding you so you can stand, you are a happy camper. However, you get so mesmerized by all the toys in the exersaucer that you let your legs go right away. I think soon you'll understand that you can stand in it all by yourself! You are getting a little closer to sitting up too.
Fun: You still love books so much and we continue to have story time a few times a day. We also take a long morning walk in the neighborhood. You are the most content in the morning so we can actually walk for longer than 20 minutes without you getting fussy. Tummy time is also one of your favorite things. You kick your feet so hard, and it looks like you're swimming. You want to be on the go, and I think sometimes you get frustrated that you can't really get anywhere yet. A few times you've been able to get traction with your knee and push an inch or so. I think this is the precursor to crawling which probably won't be for awhile.
Hair: You are definitely losing your hair! It's so funny to see how mangy it's starting to look. You still have really long pieces, and then sections where there is just peach fuzz. I can only imagine how funny it will look in another month. Poor little baldy.

Clothes: You are wearing six month clothes and size 2 diapers.
You have really started to reach out and grab objects now! It's been a lot of fun to see how satisfied you look when you can reach for a toy and actually get it. You also like to pull on your feet when you lay on your back. And you stretch your hands up and look at them like they're toys. You also like to reach out and touch my face. My nose, my lips. It's all so intriguing to you.
Your little voice is so sweet! You make the funniest noises trying to talk and blow bubbles. I can't wait until you can say "mama".
You love to go outside with your dad to check on the strawberries, get the mail, enjoy the sunshine. etc.

Avery Monroe-
Watching you grow has been such a privilege.
We love you beyond words.


Meredith said...

She's so sweet and chubby and wonderful. I'm a big fan of those arm rolls.

Mish Lovin' Life said...

So so beautiful! :) I love seeing these updates and can't believe how quick time goes!! Glad to see you're doing great, mama


Anonymous said...

She is the cutest little thing!

Danielle Carroll said...

Can't believe she's already 4 months old! And she just keeps getting cuter and cuter!!

Fran said...

Can't believe it's been 4 months already - she's so precious!

Michelle {lovely little things} said...

She's the cutest! Good luck with the sleep patterns, please post any tips!!

Miss ALK said...

Amira I seriously look forward to these posts every month now! Avery is getting to be such a pretty girl! Love all the pictures of her beautiful smile. :-)

xoxo Miss ALK

Miss ALK said...

Amira I seriously look forward to these posts every month now! Avery is getting to be such a pretty girl! Love all the pictures of her beautiful smile. :-)

xoxo Miss ALK

Katie said...

She is seriously ADORABLE. And I loved what you said about it being a "privilege." Perfectly said.

Sue // As It Seems said...

Every time I read your monthly updates it makes me excited. I have that to look forward to this month! I love watching her grow. xo

Sarah Benson said...

Oh my gosh, I just love her! So sad about the hair and sleep. We are still in the middle of sleep regression and I'm turning into a zombie! Avery keeps getting cuter and cuter. I'm loving her little headbands too! And as always, you look gorgeous!

Allison said...

Those sleeping pictures of her are too cute!!!

Kasey Lynne said...

She is so adorable Amira! I love all of her little outfits.

Sini said...

She is so adorable! And I love the grumpy face she makes sometimes :)

Katie said...

precious as always!


Lynzy said...

What a little doll! And what a beautiful name for a lil lady! We are expecting our baby girl in early Oct and could not be more excited! :)

xx Lynzy

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