Friday, January 22, 2016

Bebek's Shower

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One of my oldest and closest friends Brittney is due to have a baby girl in February. Her husband is turkish and they've been calling baby girl "bebek" while they try and figure out a name. Bebek means baby in Turkish. It was a challenge planning for a party that was in San Francisco because I couldn't schlep all the stuff with me that I wanted to but we made it work! We laugh that Britt is just like Miranda from Sex and the City. She didn't want a shower and we basically forced one upon her. We promised there wouldn't be games, and we decided on a tea party theme. We ordered the cute cookie favors from Susie Cakes and I made little tags to go on each one with a little sign, "A baby is brewing". We brewed a few different kinds of tea and Brittney's sister Rachel baked scones and brownies. Our good friend Chelsea (from The Simple Kitchen) made tea sandwiches and the most amazing salad. Britt's friend Kelly (who works for Martha Stewart!) did all the florals and put them in cute teacups and teapots!



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