Saturday, December 31, 2011

2011 - A year in review

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We spent the first day of 2011 the same way we did last year
{and the year before and the year before}
At the Norris's house.
They are close friends of Brandon's family
and they have a gorgeous home in Rancho Santa Fe
with a HUGE circular family room,
giant Christmas tree, tons of couches and a fireplace.
Essentially we lay, eat, chat and watch football.
Check out this amazing play-house they have on their property
and tell me this wouldn't have been your dream as a child!
We took our annual girls' trip to Carmel and I bought myself a Tiffany's Ring

March & April
These months were filled with Law School Functions!
Dinner at Hotel Del for Law Review
PB Rowing Club for Casino Night
Brunch at the Star of the Sea restaurant
After three torturously long years, Brandon graduates from Law School!
{and immediately begins studying for the bar}

June & July
were filled with Baby Showers!!!
Ashley's Baby Shower (followed by Amber's baby shower the following week)
Kelly's Baby Shower
Cheri's Baby Shower
We also welcomed our third niece Lia into the world
{at 10 pounds 2 oz people!}

and celebrated my 28th birthday in Palm Springs

Our little house on Vulcan sold and we moved into our current duplex.
Brandon began his first of five months as a house-husband
{and I began my first of five months as the sole provider}
He completed several projects including our kitchen!
And I decided to blog more seriously.

Kandi's birthday month
{my bestfriend in the entire world}

October ♥
We celebrated our One Year Anniversary in St. Thomas in the Virgin Islands!

I attended my TEN year high school reunion!

We celebrated Christmas in Las Vegas
and saw The Lion King the musical

Sometimes it scares me how quickly time seems to be passing us by.
I want to slow it all down and make sure I'm soaking every bit of it up.
I'm so very excited to see what 2012 has in store for our little family :-)

Happy New Years!!!


Friday, December 30, 2011

DIY Coasters

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 I found a DIY coaster tutorial on pinterest
and decided to get crafty for a couple of special peeps in my life. 
You guys it was seriously so easy
and so much fun. 

You'll Need:
Pretty Paper of your choosing
Tiles from Home Depot (.16 cents each people!)
Interior Glue or Modge Podge
Brush for glue
Clear Acrylic Spray
Felt stickers

Step 1. I chose two different papers and cut them into 4x4 squares

Step 2. Paint the glue onto the tile and stick the paper on top.

Step 3.We had to put something underneath the tiles so that when we sprayed them they didn't stick to the paper below.
I lost my marbles over this red glitter wrapping paper from Paper Source

Step 4. Spray with clear coat.
Wait to dry.
Spray again.
We did several coats.

I really love the way the coasters with patterned paper turned out. 
Unfortunately, the red glitter paper kept getting air bubbles and ripples
and doesn't look quite as profesh when all is said and done. 
If I could do it all over again I would choose a paper that isn't as thick.

If you make your own I'd love to see how they turn out!!



Thursday, December 29, 2011

Walking in a Vegas Wonderland

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We spent Christmas in Las Vegas
My parents decided that they wanted to take us to see
Disney's Lion King the musical...
on Christmas day.

So on Christmas morning,
my mom, dad, two brothers, brother's girlfriend, myself and Brandon
all piled into the Yukon.
Yes -- one car, seven people.
My brother's begged to take a separate car. 
We were gonna drive together and we were gonna like it. 

When we all get together, 
the family is, for lack of a better word, 
{and opinionated, argumentative, funny and loving}
The drive there was only about four hours which wasn't bad at all,
but goes a little something like this. 

Spencer: This isn't fair. 
The tallest in the family shouldn't have to be crammed in the back seat.

Me: You're the youngest.

Spencer: Well you're the shortest, so you should be back here.

Me: I'm your elder. 

Mom: Stop arguing.

AJ: Well why couldn't we have taken two cars?

Dad: Zip it.

Spencer: Can someone please turn up the music? 

Brandon: I have to pee.

Me: I'm freezing, I can hardly feel my face.
Why do we have to have the air blasting?

Spencer farts. 

  Me rolling down the window: Mooom!
If he does this the whole trip I'm gonna lose my mind!

Dad laughs and turns down the music.

Mom turns around: Spencer, that is not okay. 

Spencer: I know, I know, I'm sorry.

Me: No he's not, he's still smiling.

AJ: It's sweltering in here. Is it too much to ask to get some air flow?

Me: It's finally comfortable!

Dad: Well why did you wear your barbie t-shirt?
{they refer to all of my clothes as barbie clothes because they are "too small"}

Me: You want me to wear a huge winter coat in the car??

Mom: She loves to prance around in her tank tops but she's always cold.

Me: I'm wearing a sweatshirt for crying out loud!

Brandon: I have to pee...again.

Spencer farts.

Although I'm getting cranky just thinking about the drive,
we had an amazing time once we got there. 
We stayed at New York, New York which is my favorite Vegas hotel. 
For those of you that haven't been,
the inside is made to look like the city streets of New York,
complete with cobble stone streets, manhole covers,
bedroom windows and fire escapes,
street signs, hot dog vendors,
trees and cafes.

Taken with my iPhone but you get the idea. This was inside the hotel.
View from the hotel room
We couldn't take our nice camera into the theater - so again my trusty iPhone came to the rescue.
On the strip with my brother AJ & his girlfriend Ro {and although that looks like it should be my hand on Brandon's neck - it's my brother's. My hand is not that large.}

The next day was spent mostly eating and shopping. 

Reminiscing about being in Paris a couple of years ago.

The sparkly head band/ear warmers that I bought.

Il Fornaio for dinner - my parent's 32nd anniversary :-)

Brother AJ and husband Brandon

 And there was no way we could go all the way to Vegas
and not stop by the pawn shop from Pawn Stars
which we watch all the time. 

The line wrapped around the building so we didn't actually go inside. Darnit.

This really was unlike any other Christmas we've experienced. 
And although it wasn't the most traditional Christmas,
it was one that was filled with family, food and laughter.
A lot of laughter.
What more could you ask for?



Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Christmas at the Qattan's

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Brandon and I spent the Christmas holiday at my parent's house.
In my family we open up all of our presents on Christmas Eve night.
The day consists of relaxing, football and of course,
El Gordito. 
{some of the best mexican food known to mankind}

Brandon and I opened our stockings to one another 
and were surprised to find that we had bought 
the same book for each other.
Barney Stinson's The Bro Code.
We ♥ How I Met Your Mother
 My youngest brother Spencer, also known as Spency Doodle
{and if we really want to torture him: Spency Doodle Shmoodle Oodles}
 The stockings I was telling you guys about ♥
We lovingly refer to my mom as The Librarian
not because she actually is,
but because her love and hobby of books has begun to take over the house
{I'll have to blog about her another time}
Brandon and I saw this snuggie on Cafe Press and couldn't resist.
Lucy played Santa again and made sure to give us all slobbery kisses
More stockings...
My dad spoiled my mom rotten this year
{which she deserves in every way}
I mean, look at the growing pile around her.
I felt so completely spoiled as well. 
Look at this beauty:
What gift cards?
I also scored some lotions, scarves, wallet, purse and books.

Brandon got me a beginner's crochet set
complete with yarn, hooks, a guide book and CD.
{I will spend the rest of my staycation attempting to make a scarf.}

Every year I feel overwhelmed with how fortunate I am 
to have the family that I do
{And I can even say that after spending the last 72 hours with them,
11 of which were crammed in a car}

But I'll tell you all about our Christmas vacation tomorrow. 
Brandon is harassing me, 
I guess it's lunch time.



Monday, December 26, 2011

Christmas Auntie & Uncle Style

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Thursday we celebrated Christmas with our nieces.

Uncle Brandon and I showed up with The Grinch
in our pjs & santa hats,
presents in hand.

I still remember the feeling of seeing my grandma arrive
with what seemed like millions of presents 
and the giddy feeling that brought. 

I'll let the pictures do the rest of the talking
{Goof balls}
{Trying to convince us to let her open it before dinner}
::watching The Grinch for the first time
peep Bella's new Strawberry shortcake Dress::
 {Seriously, look at those faces}


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