Sunday, September 4, 2011

Kitchen Mania

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About a month ago, Brandon and I moved into our new place. It's a two-bedroom duplex attached to a five bedroom family house next door. They are connected by the two garages, so it's nice not to share a wall. I feel so lucky to have found this place as it has almost everything we were looking for (within our measly budget). Two bedrooms (so we can still have an office/guest room) one car garage with washer and dryer and an outdoor sink so Brandon can still do all of his projects. We have a small backyard for Lucy -- although it's pretty ugly (that will be project #2) and we have 4 parking spots!

The only negatives are:
1. It's old - the kitchen was pretty darn ugly
2. No fireplace :-(

Well, since taking the Bar Exam, Brandon has become a full-time house-wife husband extraordinaire. Since I've been working full-time and taking grad classes I feel like I have little time for much else. He's been great with cooking dinner, running our errands aannnd working to make our kitchen pretty. We had a little mishap with our camera and ALL of the before pictures got wiped out so all I have to share are the ones I had taken with my phone (but you'll get the idea).


See? Pretty bad.


Hard at work

Getting closer


Such an old stove right?
After Brandon polished the handles we decided that we really liked them with the black!

I wasn't sure what to think when Brandon told me that he wanted to paint the cabinets black but I absolutely love them :-) It goes very well with our dining room furniture!


Anonymous said...

Wow, Brandon did a great job! I love the copper handles!

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