Saturday, January 2, 2010


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Well, our trip to Germany did not turn out as great as we hoped. We left very early in the morning, and planned to spend the entire New Years Eve day discovering Cologne, Germany. Unfortunately, it was VERY cold, and very rainy and EVERY thing we planned to see was closed except the Cathedral. The Cathedral was very impressive and was too big to capture in one picture. This picture only shows HALF of ONE of the two parts of the Cathedral.

We walked for hours in the rain, and each destination was closed. 
The Nazi prison: closed. 
The Royal Palace: Closed. 
The Cologne and Perfume Museum: Closed. 
Restaurants: Closed. 

We sat in starbucks for about an hour to warm up, and then went back to the train station! We each picked a book from the bookstore and read for a few hours before our train came. We got home about 45 minutes before midnight, and Brandon popped some Champagne to toast in the New Year :-)


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