Thursday, September 30, 2010

Two weeks 'til the big day

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So last weekend, it was time for me and Brandon to bring out
all of the containers that I've been collecting for the past 6 months
and clean them all.
We brought them to our florist on Sunday.

This picture is about 2/3 of all of them. I think there were around 50 containers.
The plan is to have about three on each table: 
a glass pitcher, a mason jar and a wine bottle.
This will have a very eclectic look but I like all of the varying heights.

After we washed and dried them, it was time to wrap 'em up and box 'em.
It felt like such a big check-off on my slowly dwindling "to-do" list.

{1.5 weeks before the big day}
I picked Brandon up from school downtown
and then we headed to our final DJ appointment.

It was finally time to turn in our thick packet of musical choices.
Family processional, bridal party processional,
bride's processional, recessional, cocktail hour theme,
grand entrance songs, first dance song, father-daughter song,
dinner music, bouquet toss and garter song, last song...
my head was spinning.

Our DJ is amazing and really helped us nail down what we wanted.
He was able to take a song we wanted parts of,
and he cut out the verses and looped the chorus and the instrumentals
in just a matter of minutes.

He's also so organized which really puts my mind at ease.
He assured me that he will be keeping everything running on time.
That's one thing I will not need to worry about at the wedding.


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