Monday, October 18, 2010


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Can you call two days a honeymoon?
Since Brandon is still in Law School,
we won't be taking our honeymoon until December.

We were both kind of bummed at the thought of coming home on Sunday
and going back to work/school on Tuesday morning
but what are ya gonna do?

As a "wedding gift" Brandon reserved a hotel room
at the Hilton downtown for Sunday night :-)
So after the wedding, we came home,
packed a small bag and headed downtown.

We were both pretty exhausted and enjoyed laying in the big, comfy bed,
watching the Charger game
and spending time together.

For dinner we walked a few blocks to Royal India,
the food was delicious!
Like I said, I can't stop admiring Brandon's wedding ring
{which used to be his grandpa's wedding ring}

Then it was back to the Hilton where we watched a few movies and fell fast asleep...

 Oh December, you can't get here quick enough!


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