Thursday, October 21, 2010

Subtle hint?

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So I haven't mentioned this, but a few weeks ago all of my make-up was lost or stolen
{I'm now leaning towards stolen}

I mean

It's my fault for keeping everything I own in one makeup bag
but it's how I roll.
Quite often I would take my makeup bag to work with me
and sit and do it at my desk
since I get in so much earlier than everyone else.

Well one morning, I came in and it wasn't sitting there like it always is. 
Hmm, I think, it must be at the house.
I tore the house apart that night looking for it.


Okay, it must be somewhere on my desk and I didn't look hard enough for it.
It's not in my car, it's not at my house, it's not at my office.

I am now convinced that someone snatched it off of my desk when I left for the day.
Hundreds and hundreds of dollars worth of MAC makeup.
I've had some of the eyeshadows since I was 17.
All of my brushes. My favorite lip glosses.

So needless to say, I've been makeup-less for a few weeks.
I did go and buy mascara from the drug store,
and finally caved and bought my two favorite eyeshadows from the MAC counter
{Print and Electra}
but it's expensive and is going to take time to rebuild.

Two nights ago, I was making spaghetti for dinner
and waiting for Brandon to come home.
I was getting kinda worried since it was raining so hard outside
and he was later than he said he was going to be.

45 minutes later he comes through the door wearing my favorite argyle sweater
{that has nothing to do with this story, but I love when he wears it}
and holding a little silver, wrapped gift with a bow.

"Here, this is for you."

Well, it's not everyday he comes home with a gift so I was thrilled.
I can't open it fast enough.
It's a Nordstrom's gift card.

"The lady said they have MAC counters at almost every Nordstroms."

I couldn't believe how thoughtful this was.
$100 dollars to spend.
My mind was racing with which shades of eyeshadow I would get first.
And then, I start laughing and he looks so confused.

I hug him and tell him that I'm so happy, and it's so thoughtful,
and then say through a smile,
 "you must be ready for me to start wearing makeup again hah? 
Getting tired of the au naturale look?"

He thought that was pretty funny
{but swears he can't really tell the difference and just knew I was bummed about my loss.}

Either way, I'm swinging by the MAC counter after work today :-)


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