Monday, October 24, 2011


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I spent this weekend celebrating the birthdays of two very special people. Saturday I made my way to Temecula for my grandma's 70th birthday celebration (ladies only). I met my mom, aunt, grandma and my grandma's best friend Joan at P.F. Chang's for lunch. This was followed by pedicures and a late afternoon movie, The Ides of March {Ryan Gosling? yes please, ha.}
They've been best friends for so many years (grandma in blue, Joan next to her)
While I was growing up, my grandma was never the sew-you-a-quilt-and-bake-you-cookies type of grandma. She was a single woman who provided for herself, traveled the world, loved photography and remodeling her home, and would sit with my mom for hours discussing books. She was the "cool" grandma. AND she had a pool. Scorching Murrieta summers were spent swimming in that pool until our fingers and toes were pruned. The best part of those days were sneaking into her house to get an ice cold Coca Cola (which were always stocked in her fridge) because we never had them at home. Twenty years later, I've had the opportunity to go to England, Belgium, Italy and Holland with her and I'd say she's still the "cool" grandma.

On Sunday, Brandon and I watched the morning Chargers game (sadly they lost to the Jets) before making our way to Coronado for one of my best friend Kelly's 28th birthday BBQ. We had such a great time snacking, talking and laughing. We got to meet Meghann's little one and talk to Brandi about her little one that will be arriving soon. The night was complete with birthday pumpkin pie and presents :-)

The birthday girl in stripes
Happy Birthday Kelly and Grandma!


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