Monday, October 31, 2011

American Horror Story

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I am a lover of all things scary:
  • music
  • movies
  • haunted houses
  • stories
  • books
In fact, when I was little I was hooked on the Goosebumps series which made way for RL Stine's Fear Street series.

So when my friend Sarah told me about a new tv show called American Horror Story on FX - I knew I had to watch. I downloaded the first three episodes and watched the first one with Kandi and Brandon the night before Halloween.


I'm not quite sure where to start! Some scenes were funny, some were disturbing, and most were creepy. There seemed to be every element of a scary movie packed into one episode -- which was almost too much stimulation rolled into one hour: twins, jars of baby parts, down syndrome neighbor girl (who seems to be the only character with a clue!) and her mean mother, the old housekeeper (who the husband - and only the husband - sees as a hot, french maid), a creepy burnt faced man, the shiny S&M outfit found in the attic, and pyscho patients of the psychiatrist dad! To be fair, it IS called American Horror Story and I think that perhaps the intention was to incorporate all of the popular elements of American horror stories and put them together. However, I don't really like or relate with any of the characters which makes it hard to invest in the show.

If you don't like scary movies - don't bother with this show. If you might enjoy the weirdness creepiness. Brandon and I both talked about our disturbing dreams from last night (I did not sleep well, and in fact, was too scared to go to the bathroom in the middle of the night). I'm actually surprised by my reaction since I've seen scarier and not been affected at all. The truth is, I'm rooting for this show because there's never been a horror story tv series! I'm curious to see how it develops over the course of this season...although I'll probably watch it during the day.


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