Sunday, November 11, 2012

Baby Pics

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Kandi asked me and Brandon to gather some of our old baby pictures for our shower this Saturday. I got such a kick out of seeing the difference between Brandon and myself! What is our little peanut going to look like? I was born with a head full of jet black hair, and he had blonde peach fuzz. 
He eventually grew to be a tow-headed, blue-eyed toddler, and I stayed brown haha.
Our little one could take on any combination and I cannot wait to see what it is.



Sue said...

I love the baby pics! I've been looking through mine & Aaron's trying to imagine what our little girl will look like and I just can't. I suppose I need to be patient :)

Lisamarie said...

It is so cute to look at the pictures side-by-side. Your time for baby is coming quickly!

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