Thursday, December 27, 2012

Merry Christmas!

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Brandon and I spent Christmas Eve with my family, and we spent Christmas day with his family. We decided that Christmas Eve morning would be our time to open up gifts to each other and have breakfast together before heading to my parents. Brandon attempted to make Poffertjes (which are these heavenly pancake like things that we ate every day in Amsterdam). They turned out more like mini muffins but they were still really good covered in powdered sugar and homemade whipped cream.

Brandon got his beloved Cotton Candy machine that he's been hinting for months that he wanted, a wide angle lense for his iPhone, a few sweaters and some new cologne. I got a three hour mommy-to-be package at a spa near our house! It includes a massage, facial, lunch and a "tired feet" pedicure. I almost cried of happiness. I made my appointment for this Saturday :-) 

Christmas Eve at the Qattan's
  • Mexican Feast
  • Presents by the Christmas Tree
  • Snickerdoodles
  • National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation by the fire
                                                                                                   My "little" brothers 

Christmas with the Grays and the Barbatos
  • Polar Express (and naps) by the fire
  • Watching our nieces open presents by the tree
  • Homemade cotton candy
  • Prime Rib Dinner

 {Some pics from Brandon's new iPhone wide angle lense. He took the first one and said, "Oh babe, you aren't going to like this." Why? Because I look like the Kool Aid man? Ha!}

I hope everyone had a relaxing and wonderful holiday!



Fran said...

sounds like a wonderful Christmas!

Beth Lane said...

Ooh, enjoy your mommy-to-be spa day! Merry Christmas!

lo @ crazy ever after said...

Cutest koolaid lady-man ever. Hope that spa day puts you into labor!

alicia said...

the girls with the wax lips--too cute!!

Jessica said...

I had to laugh about the Kool Aid man comment! But you still look so pretty pregnant! And you are glowing! -JessicaL

Anonymous said...

Three things:
1. Dittoing Jessica on your glowing gorgeousness.
2. COTTON CANDY MACHINE - Brandon and I could be friends.
3. They make a wide angle lens for an iPhone? Whoa.

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