Friday, January 10, 2014

Stella & Wilbur Baby Scarves

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So I know that most places in the country are experiencing one of the coldest winters right now. And while the coldest it gets for us here in sunny California is in the 40s (at night) we're huge wimps about it and like to bundle up against it. Cue one of the cutest accessories Avery owns. Baby scarves kill me but so often they are pretty thin and flimsy. Our Stella and Wilbur scarf is full and cozy and incredibly well made. I thought Avery might dislike having something on her neck touching her face, but it's such soft material that she doesn't mind at all. In fact, she gives it hugs when she isn't wearing it. I just love how stylish and "wintery" she looks. 
There really is nothing cuter than a baby scarf.
Stella & Wilbur are offering my readers 50% off (yes, FIFTY PERCENT off) any of their baby scarves. Use promo code 'scarf' through Sunday. Take advantage while you can and go on and snag yourself one! 


Anonymous said...

awwww! that is so cute! Does she keep it on ok?

Tessa DAngelo said...

Oh girlfriend I am in California too (near Sacramento area) so I know what you're talking about. We're "cold" here too … but nothing compared to what the East Coast is feeling! We're just praying desperately for some rain!

Sue // As It Seems said...

Seriously that is adorable! I think E needs one.

Michelle {lovely little things} said...

So stinkin' cute!

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