Thursday, March 25, 2010

DJ Daniel

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So yesterday Brandon and I met up (between jobs and class meetings) to meet with DJ Daniel. He was the DJ for Kelly and Anders' wedding last year in April and he came highly recommended. We met at his home studio for about an hour and quickly realized how experienced he was. Brandon had said only one thing before we went, and that was, "I just want to know what equipment he uses." Well the answer he gave Brandon was a good one, and we'll be letting him know today that we'd like to book him for our wedding :-) Not only is he affordable but he's so experienced with music and mixing. We're going to be getting a big packet filled with songs so we can star our favorites and cross out genres or songs that we don't like. I'm super excited for that part :-) There is also a huge coordinator packet, that will essentially be a detailed play-by-play of our wedding. I love that he will be the one to keep us on schedule and ease us from one part of the wedding to the next.

Contact Info:

Name: Daniel Peterson




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