Monday, November 7, 2011

Class of 2001 Ten Year High School Reunion

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I still cannot believe my ten year high school reunion has come and gone. I've known for awhile that it's been approaching because my lovely friend Chelsea was tasked with setting the whole thing up (yes folks, if you're class president at seventeen years old - beware - your duties will follow you.) She currently lives in San Francisco, so planning for a party in Temecula had its challenges. She was also completely responsible for funding it (!) and hoping that there was enough of a turn-out to get her money back. She and Holli chose South Coast Winery as the venue and it was beautiful. There was an open bar for three hours (which I found impressive even though I don't drink) instead of the standard "your-ticket-includes-two-drinks" type of thing.

The gorgeous blonde host Chelsea
There were about 100 people that came which is only about 10-15% of our total graduating class - so a relatively small turn out. But let me tell you, I had such an amazing time! Brandon had kind of prepared for an evening that wasn't going to go down as one of his all time favorite nights (since it would mostly be me running around squealing with girl friends, and catching up with ones I hadn't seen in awhile) HOWEVER, he ended up having a great time! (Which I think says a lot coming from a spouse!) He met quite a few people that he has heard me talk about in the past, enjoyed hanging out with the friends he already knows, and spent a lot of his time with the boyfriends and husbands of my close girl friends.
My husband wearing my favorite argyle sweater
 So I've got to say that Facebook makes reunions a little bit weird. There were some people I truly hadn't seen in ten years yet I knew what their children look like, what they do for work, where they went on their last vacation, etc. There were spouses that I hadn't met, but felt I knew from seeing pictures and status updates. The plus to Facebook is that there wasn't much of the, "So, tell me what you do for a living" talk. I was worried that the whole night would be spent giving the same schpeel over and over. Instead, it felt like a big party with a bunch of people that reminded me of being young.

A group of Nighthawks on the dance floor at the very end of the night


Kelly Anne said...

Looks like so much fun! You looked beautiful!

Billy Shields said...

Great blog! Looked like fun!

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