Monday, November 14, 2011

Come on baby light my fire

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After a long Monday at work (aren't Mondays always long?) I came home to find something fabulous in our house. You might recall me mentioning that the two cons to our new place were the old kitchen and the lack of fireplace. The husband did an amazing job of making our kitchen pretty and the fireplace was just something I'd have to dream about until we buy our very own place.

I walked through the door all huffy, intent on telling Brandon how horrible the traffic was today (I suffer from a teensy bit of road rage)

when a gorgeous sight stopped me in my tracks.
      I probably just stared at it for a full minute.
              A faux fireplace...
                      but a fireplace nonetheless.

It's black and small and perfect -- slightly resembling the wood burning stoves I love so much. After a lot of squealing and shimmying up and down the hallway I watched with amazement at the amazing things our fireplace can do. With the push of a button (yes, it has a remote control) you can dim the fire or make it brighter. If you prefer the smoldering-coals-look, fear not, our fireplace can provide. If you prefer a larger, dancing fire we've got you covered there too. With the touch of another button, it becomes an electric heater that blows warm air out in two different settings...low and high. And while a picture just won't do it justice because you cannot see the realistic (light bulb induced) flames moving...I had to share...


Isn't she beautiful?
This was the thoughtful genius of my mother-in-law. Early Christmas present for us! Oh, what a merry winter this will be in the Gray household!

Don't you wanna come on by for a cup of hot cocoa by our fire?


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