Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Stinky Situation

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On Saturday night, Brandon and I got home from visiting my parents in Temecula.
We let Lucy out in the backyard to go Potty before bed,
and we left the screen door propped open so she could come back in when she wanted.
A few minutes later she comes darting back into the house,
climbs up on the couch and onto Brandon's lap.
I'm in the bedroom and I hear him say,
"Umm babe. I think Lucy was sprayed by a skunk."
I come out and see her shivering there, she can't open her eyes and she's dripping yellow oil. 
"Oh my God, it sprayed her face?! IT SPRAYED HER FACE?! What will happen to her?!"
I begin to panic.
Brandon calmly picks her up and takes her into the bathroom and asks me to google it.
The smell hits my nostrils.
It burns my throat.
It smells like the most potent vomit, garlic and burnt rubber mixture.
"Babe, I need you to hurry," I can tell he's trying not to freak out.
I throw open my laptop and type in "Dog sprayed in face by skunk"
The first passage I read says it could cause temporary blindness.
I almost black out.
I shriek that she's going to go blind!
He's scrubbing her body furiously in the bathtub,
and I call the emergency pet number that I stored in my phone three years ago.
They answer right away,
"No, no, she won't go blind," the kind lady reassures me. "But she is probably experiencing a lot of discomfort. Just keep pouring water on her head and it should flush out."
She went on to recommend that we buy Vaginal Douche 
and that washing her with it could be very effective for removing the smell.
She also recommended a mixture of Hyrdrogen Peroxide, Baking Soda and Soap.
{The tomato juice idea is a myth and does not work!}
I grab my keys and fly out the door to Rite Aid.
I stop the first worker that I see in the store and ask her what aisle the Hydrogen Peroxide is.
I'm rambling that our dog was sprayed by a skunk and suddenly she stops smiling,
takes a step back and says,
"Wow, I can smell you. The Hydrogen Peroxide is that way," pointing around the corner.
I beeline for it and grab the largest bottle I can,
in addition to a huge box that says DOUCHE in large dark letters
and dart over to the line behind two guys.
"Something reeks like skunk." One of them observes.
My cheeks flush and I try my hardest to hide the enormous box of douche that I am holding.
The cashier lets me know that he can smell me but not to worry because he's
"from the country and used to that sort of thing."
 Gee thanks.
When I get back home and walk through the front door, I'm slapped in the face by the smell. 
There is almost a green cloud in our house.
My throat burns.
I want to cry.
I open all of our windows and doors and set up fans all over the house,
all while Brandon is still washing Lucy.
Her eyes were finally open but she kept licking her poor nose which was probably on fire.
She cried like a baby because we kept her in the bathroom for a few hours
while we cleaned the carpets and vacuumed.
Poor thing with her watery eyes after being scrubbed raw
I'm not sure if the douche did anything,
{and smelled strangely like Listerine Mouthwash}
but the hydrogen peroxide mixture helped a lot!
For your future reference:
Skunk Removal Mixture
-teaspoon of detergent
-1 liter hydrogen peroxide
-1/4 cup baking soda

Now this is not to say that she smells like clean laundry now
because she does not.
I can still smell it faintly on her neck and it has been 4 days.
But I think in another few days,
we'll wash her again with the mixture.

Brandon and I were up until 2 in the morning that night and spent the whole rest of the day cleaning the carpet that she walked across,
taking all of the covers off of the couch,
febreezing curtains and throw pillows,
bleaching the bathroom
and doing laundry.
It was a nightmare.

Our house still smells of it and I worry it will never be normal again.
I really wouldn't wish this experience on my worst enemy,
and if I EVER see that skunk again,
he will be very, very sorry.

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Whiskey Tango Foxtrot said...

Oh noooo! That picture made me get a knot in my throat, poor puppy :( I hope the smell goes away for you soon!!

Joy said...

I'm really sorry this happened to you, Brandon and Lucy. And I'm glad the smell is getting better(ish). But I can't stop laughing. I'm a bad person. I'm sorry. This is hilarious. This would not be hilarious if it happened to me. So maybe I should stop laughing.

Emily Hope said...

You might even say that skunk is a douche. *wah* *wah* {bad joke sound}

Well Gramira - if it's not a poop burglar it's a skunk. You've got to stop getting into these stinky situations. I am glad poor little Lucy is alright.

Lauren said...

Aw poor puppy :(
Glad to hear she's feeling better now.
And I had no idea that the tomato juice thing was a myth! We've had a tomato juice recipe taped to the fridge at our cottage for as long as I can remember in case one of our dogs was ever sprayed. I'll have to keep this new mixture in mind just in case :)

Sini said...

Oh poor thing! Sounds so awful. I hope the smell is soon gone and so the skunk! I know how it smells and couldn't ever imagine it on our house.

Mrz.Burnzie said...

Oh my goodness, im so sorry about your baby! Hopefully the smell is gone soon and you guys can all go back to your normal lives.

Mrz.Burnzie said...
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heather said...

Poor puppy! Her face looks so sad! That sounds traumatizing for you ALL!

Holly said...

Poor puppy :/

He looks so traumatized. I would have freaked out!

Elle said...

awww! her poor little face. i cannot imagine how bad that stunk up your house.
thanks for the skunk removal mixture. a girl did this in my speech class in college--except she washed a guys head. it was odd and i didn't remember the ingredients. writing these down!

Cara said...

Oh no! Poor little puppy! Sounds like a total nightmare. I hope everything smells back to normal soon!

Danielle said...

Oh poor Lucy!! I'm glad she has good parents who took care of her!! That must have been a crazy night! :( Glad you made it through though!

Laura said...

I was laughing out loud reading the part when you went to go buy the products!! Hilarious! But poor doggy...I would be so pissed off at the hassle of having to get the smell out of everything. You should be proud of yourself!

Danielle said...

POOR BABY!!!! I wanna go cuddle and love Lucy :(

On another more, Amira, your life is hysterical. This and the mystery poop story are just mind blowing...these kinds of things aren't suppose to happen in real life! Haha

Danielle said...

POOR BABY!!!! I wanna go cuddle and love Lucy :(

On another more, Amira, your life is hysterical. This and the mystery poop story are just mind blowing...these kinds of things aren't suppose to happen in real life! Haha

Courtney said...

That is so awful, poor baby!! =(

On a side note, my parents live in Temecula too!

Britt @ The Magnolia Pair said...

OH MY GOSH. AMIRA. Poor Poor Lucy! I can relate totally to this frantic and panic you were going through because we almost killed Rayne this weekend..

I am so glad she is okay and that she won't go blind. That is just so terrible that these effects of a skunk are so serious. Y'all are good dog parents, not many would take care of their pet after such an incident.

Anonymous said...

Oh my word! How terrifying! Poor Lucy. Such a sweet puppy doesn't deserve that! I'll wreak havoc on that skunk myself if I ever see it.

Jes said...

OMG. This happened to Sharks last October. I almost DIED from the smell. And it happened at 3am so I had to wait until the next day to take him in to get washed somewhere. DISGUSTING. Also, beware that the smell stays. For months. Faintly. But its there.

Anonymous said...

This is awful! I saw your picture on instagram, but didn't realize how bad it was until I read this! Poor Lucy! I am so happy she is okay even though she's still a little stinky.

And I'm so sorry about your house, too. I would have been crying right there with you! It is so hard to remain calm and think things through when stuff like that happens. Ya'll did good!

DJ said...

I chose to start reading your blog at a great time... is all of this crazy stuff happening to you for my entertainment?!

This post made me do 4 things:

1. gasp when I heard what happened.
2. laugh hysterically and silently in my office when you smelled terrible and were buying a douche.
3. tear up when I saw your poor dog.
4. store the emergency vet's number in my phone.

Callie @ YouDontEvenKnow said...

POOR LUCY. All I can think that as her eyes were watering and her nose was burning and your hubby was scrubbing her with peroxide that she had to be thinking "I have the best pet parents IN THE WORLD". You guys care so much and she must know how much you love her :)

My dog is a golden retriever so I can only imagine how hard it would be to get that smell out of his longerish fur. Fingers crossed I never have to find out.

Sami said...

Omg. Poor Lucy and you both! That is terrible, I can't even imagine :(

-Courtney Lane- {blog} said...

Oh my goodness! Your poor puppy! That picture is heartbreaking. So glad she's doing better!

Just a Jersey Girl said...

aw poor pup!!!

Karla said...

Ok so I don’t know im hormonal or what but why was a holding back tears? Can you imagine how it will be once kids come along. We love our dogs way too much! Poor baby im glad she was ok.. I'll be sure to send the skunk your way if I ever spot him!

Michelle said...

Ohmygosh. Amira. I'm laughing so hard!! The douche box sent me over the edge.

But seriously, that SUCKS! Those skunks are potent to the max! Hopefully things will start smelling better soon. And poor sweet Lucy! How dare that skunk traumatize such a cute doggy!

Angie said...

Ugh!! My Diesl boy found a skunk last fall...and it was horrid. He actually changed it, CAUGHT IT, then got sprayed in the mouth. I feel for you girl!! Good luck getting it out of your nostrils!

Ruthie Hart said...

NOOOOOOOOOOO!!! Sweet little Lucy!! Poor girl. My sister's dog has been sprayed TWICE! It reeks!

M. Flynn said...

She looks so pathetic! I just want to hold her.

Britt said...

OMG! Poor thing! I can't even imagine, I would have totally freaked out.

Rachel said...

Oh my!Poor little thing...she looks so helpless.I know it must have been a terrible ordeal to go through but I just can't seem to stop laughing!I'll definitely write down the "skunk removal mix" just in case.And if it DOES happen one day feel free to laugh at me!

Melissa said...

Poor Lucy. I can't even imagine how horrible that whole ordeal had to have been!

Allie said...

oh my god, poor lucy! she looks so sad in that picture! I can't even imagine how she was that whole night. I don't think I would even know what to do! Go Amira for taking action! Hopefully the smell does go away eventually. At least you've managed to get through the worst of it by now.

Hollie Ann said...

hahahahahhahahaha omg i am dying.

poor little doggie friend!

but dying douche sounds hilarious.

Ben & Cassie said...

OH NO! I was thinking about you after I saw about this incident on instagram! Your poor little puppy and house. A douche? who knew!! Glad she is feeling a little better, hope that smell goes away and you need to kill that freaking skunk!

Emily said...


A) I laughed so hard I started crying.

B) I read this post out loud to my husband.

So so funny. {He recommended I bookmark the page for future reference. Hoping to GOD I never need this info.}

C) Okay, I do feel bad for Lucy. She looks pathetic. But it was great comedy.

Roxy said...

oh poor little thing. must've had no clue what the hell happened. Nasty skunk.

You know it might not even smell in your house anymore it's just that your brain remembered it. It happens like that.WHen Houston was sick a while ago and shat all over my bedroom I washed it 3 times, yet it somehow inprinted on my senses and I could constantly smell it. Noone else could.
Saying that a skunk stench is something else.


Jayme and Mendi said...

Your poor baby!! I'm so glad to hear that she is OK. My BFF's dog (in San Diego) got sprayed last year and they said it was awful watching him be in pain. Got his face too. I can't imagine that!!!

Jayme @ Her Late Night Cravings

Andi of My Beautiful Adventures said...

Oh no, I'm so sorry that she had to go through this. She's soooo cute!

Jamie said...

Oh no! Poor puppy! I'm glad she's ok (besides being a little stinky). I'm glad I now know what I can do if Roxy ever gets sprayed by a skunk...which I hope is never *knock on wood*.

<3 Jamie

Evelien said...

Awwww that picture is the saddest picture I've EVER seen!! Poor sweetheart...

Mrs. Robinson said...

Oh, no! Poor Lucy! =( Poor your house!

This broke my heart. I've never smelled skunk stuff but I've hear it's awful. I hope the smell comes out of your home super fast! :)

The Not Quite Military Wife said...

Oh my gosh, poor little Lucy! So tiny to have gone through all that trauma!! Hope that never happens again!

Meg {henninglove} said...

ahhh poor lucy!! i hate seeing her look so sad poor poor thing. good thing she has two terrific parents who jumped right into action to help her out.

Eat.Style.Play said...

if that isn't the cutest/saddest picture my eyes are a little watery from seeing this myself! Poor baby, i can't image, I'd have a heart attack if my kitty were sprayed...but he is so crazy that i feel like he would fit to the death with a skunk. I hope Lucy is okay now! Give her a couple of pup kissed for me!

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