Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Seinfeld Champs And Some New Ladies

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While Brandon and I were watching Seinfeld last week (a common occurrence in our household) I noticed for the 207th time how much Elaine reminds me of myself. Big frizzy hair (critter sitter anyone?) horrible dancer, AND we like to shove the men in our life and shout "get out" when they say something that surprises us. {Have I ever told you guys that a group of my friends and I won the Seinfeld Trivia Challenge on a cruise we took a couple of years ago? I think that pretty much finalizes my place as their #1 fan} Now, you may have noticed the shiny, new buttons over there on the right hand side of my blog. I asked these ladies which TV character they most closely identify with and this is what they said:
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Joy from Rhode to Joy
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Emily from Hope-Squared
It's worth noting that her first answer was, "I totally want to answer Nancy Botwin because she is the epitome of cool. How on earth does she manage to wear sweats and drink iced coffee and still look insanely attractive? However, I am not a widowed suburban house wife selling pot to get by.
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Katie from Katie Lately

These ladies are definitely worth checking out!



Emily Hope said...

I was thinking at first - "Awesome she didn't post the part about me pining to be dope dealer"...but you did! But seriously - who doesn't want to be Nancy??

Thanks for the feature lady - and the tough question. It required some Google searching.

Rebecca said...

Ooo, I would have to say I'd be Charlotte from Sex and the City. I get nervous when things aren't done properly! And I love her style. Either that or Mary from Downton Abbey. Ultimately, she would rather be inconvenienced herself than hurt others.

Charisma Moran said...

Seinfeld is the best!!

I am a Carrie, too but I LOVE Emily's answer!!

Joy said...

Thank you for the post Elaine...errr, Amira :)

Katherine Krieg said...

this is such a cute post! love thinking about this! i dont know who id pick!!

lo @ crazy ever after said...

THIS IS GREAT!! A perfect way to introduce some fabulous blogger ladies. :)

Melissa said...

Haha. I already follow Emily and Katie! Emily cracked me up.

Laura said...

Yes! My favourite part of blogging is discovering new blogs so thank you for the introductions!

Allie said...

Ohh I love the way you introduced these ladies! I mean when you mix TV, and characters, and funny ladies, you know you have a good post going. And of course I'm about to go follow all of them now!

Katie {katie lately} said...

Thanks for the feature, amira!!

Hollie Ann said...

Is Katie a model!!??? Jesus!!!

Loved this idea, Amira!!!

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