Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Another Long Weekend

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I took last Friday off of work for my best-friend Kandi's 28th birthday. As per our normal tradition, we spent the whole day together. We started off the day with VG's Donuts in Cardiff (which are, by the way, the best donuts known to mankind, I recommend you go there...soon) then we enjoyed one hour massages, pedicures, lunch at Garcia's in Carlsbad Village and then to the movies to see Don't Be Afraid of the Dark. We spent the rest of the evening torturing Brandon by holding our own karaoke session. (I've contemplated posting the video he took, but it might just be too embarrassing for public viewing.) It was a wonderful day and once again I felt so lucky to celebrate the day my best friend was born!

Happy Birthday Kandi Loren Brown!
The next morning Brandon and I went and picked up our sweet niece Bella. We just felt like she could use some special "auntie and uncle" time so we took her to Chic Fil A. Her mom packed her little backpack (which she felt very cool wearing) with a bib and some wipes. We enjoyed some yummy chicken and playing in the playground area -- she had a blast!

Ahh, I just love her!
Saturday evening we went to Kandi's apartment. She was hosting a dinner party and served her amazing lasagna AND I got to see Jordan, Kristyn and their baby Brooklyn! We played a little Mad Gab, laughed the whole evening and left with full stomachs and hearts :-)

The next day was the first Chargers game! We made our 7-layer bean dip and went over to my brother & sister-in-law's. The Chargers won, we got to stuff ourselves with amazing appetizers and spend time with close friends and family. I am officially ready for Fall!!

Brandon with Holland's baby Rio, and Amber (Brandon's sister) with Lia
By the time we got home from watching the game, I could feel a sore throat coming along and it struck full force that night. I wasn't able to go into work the next day and instead spent the day napping, drinking hot tea, whining and trying to do homework.

Lucy is a great napper


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