Saturday, September 3, 2011

Summer Recap

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I know, I know. I've been slacking big time in the blogging department. We've had such a busy summer and I can't believe how fast it's flown by! Is it cheating if I post a quick recap?

Summer of 2011 Recap:
-Brandon took the Bar Exam (we find out the results November 19th)
-I finished two summer classes (4 more to go before graduation)
-We moved from our beloved house on Vulcan to a cute duplex a few miles down the street
-I attended SIX baby showers (was invited to eight!) and have since had the pleasure of meeting little Rio Jolie Mason and little Colin Anders Strothman
-We welcomed our third niece - Lia Capri - into the world (10 pounds 2 oz!)
-My youngest brother graduated from high school and started college
-My cousin Gaidaa visited from Jordan and stayed with my parents for a month
-I celebrated my 28th birthday
-Brandon joined a softball team
-My in-laws visited from Tahoe for a couple of weeks

Lia Capri Barbato (6 weeks)

Palms Riviera for my 28th birthday
My sweet cousin G

Rio Jolie - the little peanut
We finally got to open (and use) all of our wedding presents!
Colin Anders Strothman
Where Brandon spent most of the summer.
(We're gonna burn all of the flashcards as soon as we get the results that he's passed)

Visits with Brandon's Dad (Grandpa Stan)

Swami's Beach

There are only three short weeks of summer left and they're going to be just as busy as the rest was. I'll be better about blogging - I promise.


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