Wednesday, September 21, 2011


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When I saw that Ryan Gosling was starring in this movie, I knew right away I'd see it. I didn't need any other reason ;-) Walking out of the movie theater last night I wasn't sure how I felt about it - but I've decided that I liked it. My only words of advice would be not to go in with any expectations. There was very little dialogue, in fact, I don't even think Gosling's character had a name. Be patient, as the movie does pick up after its slow start. I LOVED the soundtrack, found some of the silent scenes awkward, and was stunned a few times by the extreme "action" scenes. (Feel free to substitute "action" with "violent".) It had a very indie feel to it and I think I'd only recommend it to a select few friends. Don't go if you're expecting Fast & the Furious part 12).


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