Friday, January 13, 2012

The Critter Sitter

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Some of my closest friends will know immediately
what who I am talking about.
I'm going to tell you a story
{mainly so you'll know what the heck I'm talking about if/when I mention this in the future.}

Before I got married, I lived with my best friend Kandi. We lived in a little apartment by the beach and we loved it. One day while I was taking Lucy potty outside I look up to see this scrawny lady with long frizzy hair peering over at me. She casually makes her way over, and we have a short conversation while Lucy is running around in the grass. She tells me if I ever need a dog walker or sitter - she's my gal. With her hands jammed in her pockets she nods towards this flyer that she had pinned by the mail boxes. I squint over and see the words, The Critter Sitter.

"Oh, so you're the...critter sitter. Great, it's nice to meet you."
"Yep, that's me. You can contact me anytime."

She began to ramble on about one of her dogs clients, while I took her all in. In the sweetest way possible, she reminded me of Cousin It. She was ALL hair you guys. She couldn't have weighed more than 95 pounds, and had little round glasses that made her tiny eyes appear much larger than they were. I assured her if we ever needed her services - she would be the first person I would call. Over the next few weeks, we passed each other in the courtyard several times and said hello. Brandon asked me once who she was and I told him she was the world famous Critter Sitter. Duh.

Fast forward several months.

It's a lazy Sunday afternoon and I had washed my hair earlier that morning. I intended to blowdry it but just hadn't gotten around to it yet. I'll admit freely that my hair isn't a pleasant sight if I don't do anything to it. It isn't sure if it wants to be curly or straight - so it just ends up being big, puffy and kinky. {Do you guys see where this is headed?} Brandon comes over and wants to go get some lunch. I tell him I can't go with my hair like this. He assures me that I look fine. Believing him, I say that I have to take Lucy out to the bathroom before we leave. A few minutes later, I'm standing on the grass waiting for Lucy to do her thing when I hear a man's voice talking to someone behind me. The voice gets closer. "Now which pup is that?" I turn around and realize he's been talking to me. His face changes when he sees mine.

"Oh, I'm so sorry. I totally thought you were... someone else."
"Did...did you..think I was...the critter sitter...?" I stammer, twisting my hair into a bun trying to tame it.
"Yeah! You know her?" He looks pumped at this point that I knew who she was.

I smiled and nodded politely. Lucy and I beeline for the apartment, where I burst through the door and announce to the whole house that I got mistaken for the Critter Sitter, and that Brandon is a big fat liar if he said my hair looked fine. Kandi and Brandon think this is pretty hysterical. I'm mortified.

I did end up flat ironing my hair before we went to lunch that day. But now I have a nickname.
I am lovingly referred to as The Critter Sitter.
Mainly when I just wake up in the morning. Or when I let my hair air dry. Or around 8:45 at night when I get a burst of energy and like to chase Brandon around the house.

Anyone else have a worse nickname?



lori said...

hahaha!! such a funny story. i can totally relate. my hair is awful if i don't blowdry and straighten it.

Princess said...

I have the same hair problem as you! My husband calls it lion hair, lol. If i ever let my hair just air dry, he always asks if i plan on doing my hair, lol. Great story!
Love your blog btw!

Ruthie Hart said...

LOL LOL!!!!!!!! that is so funny!!!

Melissa said...

lol. dying. my hair looks the same way without any attention. I can totally picture her.

Sandra said...

That is such a funny story!!

Melu103 said...

hahahaha thats hilarious!
its so funny how some of
us gets the funniest nicknames
out of no where!


Melina ♥

Tammy @ Lemons, Avocados, and the Bay said...

Hahahah amazing!

lo @ crazy ever after said...

Great story, CS. ;)

Jenn said...

This story made my day! Although I'm sure it wasn't much fun for you ; ) Aw thanks for sharing that, ha ha!


Kelly . said...

GREAT story...absolutely hilarious! I always complain because my hair never looks like those girls on {reality} TV when they wake up in the morning with perfect hair. I don't get it.

Breanna said...

Such a great yet funny story :)

Thanks for sharing!

Lauren said...

lol aw that's cute. I'm sure you hated the experience at the time but it's pretty funny now. My husband likes to give me weird nicknames too. I feel your pain :)

jessica said...

OHHH i am literally laughing out loud right now! love it.

yesterday when i asked one of my friends if she had straightened her hair she said no, i just let it air dry. say what!? lucky bi**h. cause like you, my hair does not air dry kindly, it air frizzes than grows to be just like the critter sitter's..

Anonymous said...

Oh my goodness!!! Now THAT is a good story!!!! :o)

Whitney & Devin said...

Hey girl! I'm tagging you in a post tomorrow!!! XO

I am Megan said...

Oh my goodness, this is so funny! But you probably must have had such a fright when she came around for the first time!

Kandi said...

at least you looked 95 pounds. Thanks, bye.

Mrs. Darcy said...

Omg, lol! I would have been so mortified!


Digger said...

LOL!! I love it!! What a great story! Thank you soo much for linking up with us and sharing!! :)

All The Love In The Universe

Alyssa said...

Hahaha, so embarrassing!!! My hair is the same way! I either have to straighten it and put some product in it or I'm a mess!

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