Tuesday, March 13, 2012


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I'm not here today.
I'm actually in two places today :-)
I'm here at Britt's sharing a recipe for mini apple pies.
Aaaand, I'm over here at Emily's sharing a recipe for Brandon's homemade bread.
They're both pretty delicious so if you aren't too hypnotized by Emily's recipe maybe you'll head over there and check them both out.

I gave you guys a little glimpse into Mancakes over the weekend. 
I'm so sorry that I made you wait three whole days for the recipe.
When I told Brandon the ingredients in Emily's recipe,
his eyes got really big.
Yours will too when you read the recipe.

Hey y'all, I'm Emily from DashboardDiary!
I don't get to cook all that often, but when I do the odds are good that it is something terribly sugar loaded.
. . . but aren't the unhealthiest things the greatest??
My boyfriend just so happens to be a huge fan of breakfast, bacon, and beer.
(What true American boy isn't?)
It would only make sense to combine them all into one delightful little concoction, right?

So I present to you the most magical breakfast meal in America:


Pancakes + beer + caramelized bacon

We had a few bottles of Dogfish Head Festina Peche beer sitting around, so we figured it would be the perfect substitution for plain 'ol boring beer!
Feel free to use any type of beer you wish, and if you find a good beer that works great with the recipe, let me know, I'd love to try something new!
I once came across a maple beer, which has a lot of potential!

The first (and truthfully, the only step that matters) is the bacon.
The recipe calls for 8 strips, but who's really counting. 
We did a fewwww extra.
You know, some extra to taste test, in case any come out a little funny looking. 
Heat the oven to 350, lay the strips out on a foil covered cookie sheet, bake for 10 minutes, flip the bacon, sprinkle with brown sugar, bake for 10 more minutes, flip, sprinkle, bake 10 more mins.
. . . and voila.
Magical sugary heavenly crunchy bacon.
There's truly nothing better than that.
In the universe.

The funny looking ones tasted FANTASTIC.
We were kinda tempted to just skip the whole pancake thing and just eat the bacon.
It was that good.
I recently learned brown sugar coated bacon is called pig candy.
Appropriately so.
Anyways, back to the cakes!
To make the batter you blend 2 eggs, 2 cups pancake mix, and 1 cup of beer.
Break the bacon up into small pieces and
then stir whatever you didn't eat during preparation into the batter.
Then just cook them like normal 'ol pancakes.
. . . and then stack them up so they look super awesome and professional and pretty for their picture.
Then feed them to your starving man (with Steen's syrup of course!)
. . . and then your man becomes a realllllly happy man, requiring lots and lots of insulin!

Feel free to come visit me here for more recipes and things and things!

Our attempt:
Brandon absolutely loved these bad boys, and so did I. Emily was not kidding about making sure to make extra slices of bacon. We only had 9 in the fridge so that's all we could make, but Brandon ate at least two of them before I could pry the rest out of his hands and put them in the batter. We almost just ate the bacon and said screw the pancake part (yes, it really is that good). But I'm so glad we didn't. The mancakes were delicious, and I loved getting crunchy/salty pieces of bacon in each bite of the fluffy pancake. The beer also really added another dimension of heavenly taste. (We ended up adding a bit more than a cup because our batter seemed to be pretty thick.)

Thank you so much Emily for the delicious recipe!



Valerie Griffin said...


Jes said...

my manfriend would just freak out over mancakes!
xx jes


Ruthie Hart said...

pinning RIGHT AWAY!!!!! my husband willdie!

Tiffany @ Blabbering Thoughts said...

Yummm!! Thanks!!

Becky Borgman said...

I would have NEVER put this combination together, but it honestly looks delicious! I think my hubs would love it.

Kate @ Daffodils said...

wow, these look so good, my husband would definitely be a fan! Just found your blog via The Magnoila Pair and I am your newest follower!

Nicole - Craft My Soul said...

Looks AMAZING! I like the beer and pancake thing. I would definitely have a beer with my pancakes if it was Brinner!

Denise said...

I've seen the mancakes recipe before!! I need to makes these for my husband..

Ben & Cassie said...

I love your blog! you are so funny and creative and i literally spent like 3 hours going through your archives! Mancakes...done and done!

JennySue said...

that bacon looks ridiculous...ridiculously good!!! everyone in my family (all 5!) love bacon, so that's rare that we all enjoy the same thing food wise! thanks for the recipe- i am certainly going to try this one out!

Olivia.Dee said...

am I allowed to have man cakes?! even though i am clearly not a man.???

Jen and Jess said...

This is awesome! I will have to try it out ;)

Nhart said...

I made these mancakes on sunday for the boyfriend...HE LOVES THEM. I made mine with a honey brown beer and while I didnt eat them he said they were the best pancakes he had ever had. And I made quite a few left over pieces of bacon which he ate throughout the day. Thanks for the recipe

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