Sunday, January 1, 2012

Sparkly New Year

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My best friend Brittney is visiting from Scotland
so we got to spend the very last night of 2011 
We made dinner, drank wine, 
lit a million sparklers and drew pictures in the sky,
talked about everything under the sun,
and watched the poor souls on tv who were crammed into Times Square for the NYE show
{seriously though, how do they go to the bathroom?}
Brandon and I had an unplanned wrestling match
{and I've had a tweaked back ever since}
- and Brittney even took a one hour nap -
waking up just in time for the ball to drop.

Pesto Chicken Penne Dinner
I wasn't kidding about the wrestling match. I was pinned for at least seven minutes.
It was a low key NYE
with two of my favorite people in the world
{three including Lucy who stayed up way past her bedtime and lounged all day today}

Our New Years day was spent at the Norris's
watching football
lounging by the fire
and more eating.

This room is one of the coziest places in the world. 
It's a huge circular room filled with couches and comfy chairs...
not to mention the wood burning fireplace.

Could one more ornament even fit on that tree?
 Gobbling up time with our niece!

I'm linking up with Brooke today from Silver Lining

Happy New Year everyone!!!



lauren @ crazy ever after said...

Jesse and I have been complaining of sore muscles all day. Jesse because of the very intense, and late night game of Kinect tennis...and me...yeah, I am just old. Ha.

Loving that little Lucy. Definitely Bobo's twin for sure. Jesse looked at the picture and said, "When was that picture of Bobo taken?" Ha!

Sabrina said...

beautiful pics!!!amazing blog!!i'm following you!!!

Courtney said...

Hey girlie you know I live your blog so checkout the award I gave you on my blog:)

Jamie said...

That house is beautiful. Happy new year!

Hollie Ann said...

those pictures are incredible!! your nye looked low key and fabulous! :)

Brooke said...

Thanks for the link up girl! And that living room is fabulous. Happy 2012!

Kasey Lynne said...

Umm please do share that Pesto Pasta recipe. I am obsessed with anything pesto :)

You looked GORGEOUS on NYE!

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