Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Pinteresting Girl Crush

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The ultimate of girl crushes for me is Rachel McAdams.
I think she's stunning and classy and I want to be her best friend.
She exudes confidence. 
{Plus, she'll always be Allie to me.}
Today all I felt like pinning was her.
Oh, How Pinteresting
-Girl Crush Edition- 

Source: via Rachel on Pinterest

I think the only other celebrity that could hold a candle to Rachel is her ex-bf, Ryan.
"Oh hey there blue eyes, you lookin at me?"
Source: via Emily on Pinterest

I mean seriously?
So, what are you pinning?


Britt @ The Magnolia Pair said...

It breaks my heart that they didn't stay together! I love them together in real life so much! And yes, Rachel is one of my favorites, she is my favorite in The Family stone too, it's fun to watch her be really funny/bitchy!

Abby and Mike said...

Yep, she's definitely at the top of my list too. No matter the movie, if she's in it, I have to see it!


Anonymous said...

I have the same girl crush!!! She's just phenomenal, isn't she???

I have a friend who works in LA and is best friends with Rachel's sister. He got to meet Rachel while she was dating Ryan! I was so jealous!!!

Ruthie Hart said...

she is so glam! and I wish her and ryan were still together! ever since the notebook...

Emily said...

She is so breathtakingly beautiful! In every role she plays I love her! She is fantastic...from mean girls to the notebook! great pins. I am NOT a fan of Ryan Gosling (gasp) but those pictures make him seem attractive!

Melu103 said...

she is gorgeous and he is dam sexy!

:) loving the pictures hun!

Melina ♥

Holly said...

She is gorgeous, he is sexy and I WISH they would have stayed together. But you're right she will always be Allie to me too :)

Whiskey Tango Foxtrot said...

I am obsessed with her! Ever since she did Sherlock Holmes my hubby and I fight over her all the time. She is perfect!

Candace Stevenson said...

LOVE rach LOVE ryan. ahhh love this post! Best of pinterest for sure. I've been pinning food lately, haha of course!

Lovely Little Rants

Tiana said...

i have to agree. Rachel McAdams is the ULTIMATE girl crush :) and ryan gosling.. don't even get me started!

lovely posts :D

- tiana of l'esthetique

Heather said...

I have a huge crush on both of them & I just watched The Notebook last night! Of only I could find a Noah in real life, lol!

SimplyHeather said...

Ryan is so fricken cute and Rachel is so pretty!

Jessica said...

She is so gorgeous!
I love how she is always rocking that bright red lipstick!


Ashlyn said...

omg she is def my girl crush. LOVE herrr!
great pins.

cute dress. love polka dots!

My Unrehearsed Life

Mo (New on U) said...

I love her. I love him. I LOVED them. They should do humanity a favor and have many babies. STAT.

Elle said...

Oh my word. LOVE her and him. Favorite actors for sure.

Lauren said...

Love her! She's definitely one of my favourites. She was filming a movie awhile ago at a hospital I was working at but I only saw her from a far :( It was for The Vow. Great pins! :)

bonbon said...

Oh my goodness that red lipstick on her is so stunning. I don't know anyone else who can pull that off so well!

Love the blog, keep it up!


Brooke said...

Ugh! I drool for Ryan G! smitten!
An Rachel McAdams, seriously if I could be anyone for a day, I'd like to be her :)

Petchie said...

She is seriously my favorite actress! I love her!


Drama Queen said...

The Notebook is and will always be one of my fave movies! I love her beauty mark on her chin!

Olivia.Dee said...

oh my... how i looove them both! such pretty people. it's just unfair. :]

Emily said...

Seriously - these two just need to get back together and make babies.

Tammy @ Lemons, Avocados, and the Bay said...

Sigh me too. I think she is stunning, classy, and just my girl crush hehe :)

and he's not too hard to look at too!

Joy said...

Clearly I don't want to do any work today, so I am reading your older blog posts. Why do I feel like a creepy person for doing that? Anyway - I love both of them. Mr. Gosling is my "free pass". And funny enough, Rachel McAdams is the boyfriend's free pass. We can dream, right?

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