Thursday, January 5, 2012

Love, Mawwiage...and a job

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And even though we ain't got money
I'm so in love with you honey
and everything will bring a chain of love.
Something I haven't shared with you guys yet, is that my husband started his first big boy, attorney job yesterday. He got a couple of offers the week before Christmas, and after careful consideration, he chose a small firm in Carlsbad {about 10 minutes from home and right down the street from my work!} The location itself is worth celebrating because it was very likely that we were going to have to move wherever he found a job. After a lot of squealing and dancing around the apartment, it started to sink in that my time as the sole provider has come to an end. And although the last six months have been challenging, and we've had to be really frugal with our money, I feel proud that my job was able to support us for as long as it did. As a woman that feels really good. {But not so good that I would want to do it for even another week longer.} It feels incredible to have some of the weight lifted from my shoulders. We can now start paying off school loans and saving for our very own home, and let's be real - shopping! It seems like ages since I've been able to buy that cute pair of shoes when they wave to me from the window.

In other news, you can find me chatting about love and mawwiage over at Always Kiss Me Good Night.  
{Since I'm such a relationship expert.}
Karla is a fellow So Cal blogger doing a series on newlyweds.
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Ruthie Hart said...

congratulations to your hubby!!!!!!!!!! I bet this has been SO long awaited (by both of you) and what a blessing that you guys get to stay in your same town. Goodluck to him and have fun shoppin' lady!

Whiskey Tango Foxtrot said...

Yayyy! Go get your "nails done, hair done, errrything did" I used to be the moneymaker in the relationship and although it made me feel powerful, its also a TON of pressure. So happy for you two!

jenn said...

Congrats! I'm sure you guys are both so excited, and that it's a relief to be able to breathe a bit with your budget. Way to take care of him for those few months, though!


Britt @ A Southern Bee DIary said...

Girl ! You just said all the magic words ! My hubby is in his first year of med school, and we've got three and a half more years to go. I will be window shopping for a long time, lol. I think it's really awesome that everything worked out for you two! Congrats to both! I really cannot wait until May of 2015 !!

So glad I found your blog and followed it yesterday, I love it already !

xo. A Southern Bee Diary


lauren @ crazy ever after said...

Congrats to your husband! So awesome. And girl power for being the bread winner for so long. Now go buy yerself some new dancin' shoes. Or some kind of shoes. PS-I want follow your blog all over again so I can be number 100. Congrats on the followers, love.

Karla said...

Umm hello shopping spree as a celebration.. oh no?! lol Happy for you both!I can only imagine the amazing adventures this will bring!! And thank ya for posting on my little blog your the best :)

Jen said...

Congratulations! What a huge blessing that is so close to home, and that so many different stressors have been lifted off your shoulders now :) :)

Jessica said...

Congratulations to hubby for his new job!! That's so great that you don't have to move for the job and you can relax a little bit more! :)


Cas said...

Congrats on the new job for your man! That's super exciting, and I feel ya - because I'm currently the sole bread winner and it can definitely be a stretch at times. I just found your blog today and I like it a lot! I'm your newest follower, almost the lucky #100. Dang. - Cassie

jessica said...

yay! congrats to you and yo man! that is exciting!!

get to shopping, girlfriend.

Kasey Lynne said...

Awww congrats to your hubby! That is awesome!!

You definitely deserve some pampering after being a suga' mama ;)

A Lost Feather said...

aw, congratulations!

that is a pretty awesome feeling.. to know that you were able to to support your family. but yeah, having help must be faaaantastic!

aaaaand.. that is suuuuch a good song, ugh. one of my faves :)

Melu103 said...

congrats to hubby!
i am so happy for you love!
this is great news! i know how
you feels because that happened
to me before with my sissy. We
both take care of our bills but
we went on vacations to Argentina
and she had to quit her job. When
we came back everything was on me
and it was super stressful! Now
she has a job and we are back to
splitting our bills. So i am
definitely happy that he will be
able to help you out!


beina said...

Congratulation Amira!!!!!
Congratulations for your husband, and even for you, and for what you have done in these months!!!!
That's love, real love!!!

lori said...

yayyy!!! congrats to your husband! and so glad you have some weight lifted off of your shoulders :)

we're in a similar situation- except we recently moved for the hubs job, so i am the one without one. and it is a little stressful. i did have an interview today though so I'm crossing my fingers!

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