Saturday, April 7, 2012


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Have I told you all that I'm in a three-way blogmance with Emily and Lauren? Turns out that we're all pretty much the same person trapped in three different bodies and forced to spend eternity in different states (and countries). Shakespeare could have written a romantic tragedy about it. I think I've mentioned before that if you can make me laugh, I'll probably fall in love with you {don't worry husband, this pertains to females only}. And E-ho and Lo {where is my awesome nickname by the way?} make me laugh on a pretty constant basis. We've even taken our blogmance to the next level and we text all the time too. {jealous?} Examples of various convos:

Pet troubles

Lo is jelly of my TheIt bag

 When Emily told us that she was going on her amazingly awesome honeymoon and she wanted Lauren and myself to collaborate on a guest post together, we decided to interview each other. You can find our answers on Em's blog here. Although she included certain answers that were for her eyes only {cough, didn't want to offend any George Dubbya fans, cough}, she's still pretty amazing and you should check out both of their blogs if you haven't already.

Hope Squared

Love you ladies!!!

I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend. Husband and I are seeing The Hunger Games {for the second time} with my parents at the luxury movie theater this afternoon. Tomorrow we are headed to a Padre game. 
Not too Eastery hah?



Emily Hope said...

I believe that Lauren has nicknamed you Kamira!

BTW this post made my heart flutter - just a little.

Oh and I am so sorry for not deleting the G-Dubbya question. I feel like a jerk. Forgive me?

MessyDirtyHair said...

awe this is so cute & funny! love it!

xx Kelly

Courtney said...

You live in SD! That's where I went to college and my fam bam lives near there =)

miki said...

I can't wait to find my blogmances they'll come...

Karla said...

hahah I could not stop cracking up! I love you both!! One day you watch one day I will as cool and have witty little things to say LOL

Melissa said...

These conversations had me cracking up! I'm already following Lauren's blog. She's hilarious. Going to go check out Emily's now! Hope you had a good weekend!

lo @ crazy ever after said...


Hollie Ann said...

i love blog threeway romances.

it makes my life happy.

especially since all my IRL friends fell off the face of the earth ;)

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