Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Christmas at the Qattan's

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Brandon and I spent the Christmas holiday at my parent's house.
In my family we open up all of our presents on Christmas Eve night.
The day consists of relaxing, football and of course,
El Gordito. 
{some of the best mexican food known to mankind}

Brandon and I opened our stockings to one another 
and were surprised to find that we had bought 
the same book for each other.
Barney Stinson's The Bro Code.
We ♥ How I Met Your Mother
 My youngest brother Spencer, also known as Spency Doodle
{and if we really want to torture him: Spency Doodle Shmoodle Oodles}
 The stockings I was telling you guys about ♥
We lovingly refer to my mom as The Librarian
not because she actually is,
but because her love and hobby of books has begun to take over the house
{I'll have to blog about her another time}
Brandon and I saw this snuggie on Cafe Press and couldn't resist.
Lucy played Santa again and made sure to give us all slobbery kisses
More stockings...
My dad spoiled my mom rotten this year
{which she deserves in every way}
I mean, look at the growing pile around her.
I felt so completely spoiled as well. 
Look at this beauty:
What gift cards?
I also scored some lotions, scarves, wallet, purse and books.

Brandon got me a beginner's crochet set
complete with yarn, hooks, a guide book and CD.
{I will spend the rest of my staycation attempting to make a scarf.}

Every year I feel overwhelmed with how fortunate I am 
to have the family that I do
{And I can even say that after spending the last 72 hours with them,
11 of which were crammed in a car}

But I'll tell you all about our Christmas vacation tomorrow. 
Brandon is harassing me, 
I guess it's lunch time.




Karla said...

uuu-lala loving the watch! Gosh and can you get any gift cards?! lol lucky girl! I love your parents house soo adorable!

Ruthie Hart said...

your stockings are so whimsical and cute! Love them!! How funny is that blanket for your mom! Looks like you made out like a bandit!

onehappykelly. said...

Cute pictures...& beautiful watch! Looks like it was a great Christmas.

Liz Brown said...

Lol! Men can be like babies ... they need fed about every hour on the hour. :P Just kidding.

And wow I love that watch!

Jessica said...

Looks like a great Christmas! I really like your blog and am now following!! :)


Kasey Lynne said...

Book Slut..that is SO great! hahaha

Wow girl...that's SO many gift cards!!!

Glad you had a wonderful Christmas! :)

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