Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Christmas Card Crafting!

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While standing in a craft store a couple of months ago (yes, months) 
I decided to make my own Christmas cards. 
There were just too many gorgeous stamps and papers that kept me from walking out of there empty-handed 
{although Brandon would tell you I can't walk out of any store empty handed.}

After scouring Pinterest for inspiration, and scrapping a couple of ideas
that made me want to tear my hair out
that weren't working,
I came up with something that I adored. 

Christmas trees made out of...

cupcake liners!
{which I have PLENTY of}

You'll Need:
Pretty Christmas papers
Paper grocery bags
Cupcake liners
Double-sided tape

 Step 1.  We used grocery bags and cut out brown rectangles (slightly smaller than the card - which left us with the red border of the card). With a pair of my old scrapbook scissors, I cut the edges to look rough (but you could tear it and give a similar look)

Step 2. For the star at the top of the tree and the base at the bottom of the tree, we came up with a shape that worked and then used a template to cut them out of different patterned paper.
star for the top of the tree
base for the bottom of the tree
Step 3. I used the large stamp I got and faintly stamped the brown paper.

each one came out different - some were darker than others

Step 4. Using double sided tape, I taped the base down first and then added the bottom tier of the tree. Cutting the cupcake liners in the right size was challenging at first but I got the hang of it.

cut each layer a little smaller and tape on top of each other using double sided tape

Step 5. Tape the star at the very top:

Step 6. Tape the paper onto your card (make sure you've already written in the cards!)

Step 6. Using the same stamp, I stamped the inside as well...this time dark enough to read it.
some of my favorite things

If you really want to get wild you can line the envelopes with 
matching paper from the cards. 
Paper Source is a dangerous place for me to visit and I tried really hard to just 

1. walk in
2. get envelopes
3. and leave. 

But then I saw the envelope liner template beckoning to me and thought about the 
pretty, vintage Christmas papers I had bought 
and snagged one of those too.

It was as easy as 1, 2, 3. 

Trace template onto back of the paper you want

Cut it out
Add two pieces of double sided tape in the point (the triangle part of the liner). Tuck in the bottom and press at the top. If you try and tape the bottom of the liner it will get crinkled. You only need tape at the top. The rest stays tucked in.

Matching liners :-)

 So there you go, the options really are endless.

Happy crafting!




Jane said...

You are so crafty! They look amazing! And so you know, I'm fairly sure it's a sin to walk out of a craft store empty handed. So, it's better to be safe than sorry. lol

jenn said...

That looks so pretty! Great job!



Ruthie Hart said...

LOVE LOVE LOVE....did I mention I LOVE these!! You are so talented!

Anonymous said...

I cannot believe that I gave birth to someone who could produce such luscious craftiness! I adore mine (& you) :-)


virginia said...

Amira- these are amazing!! I'm sure no one will want to throw it away after the holidays!

beina said...

Wonderful idea, Amira!

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