Thursday, December 29, 2011

Walking in a Vegas Wonderland

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We spent Christmas in Las Vegas
My parents decided that they wanted to take us to see
Disney's Lion King the musical...
on Christmas day.

So on Christmas morning,
my mom, dad, two brothers, brother's girlfriend, myself and Brandon
all piled into the Yukon.
Yes -- one car, seven people.
My brother's begged to take a separate car. 
We were gonna drive together and we were gonna like it. 

When we all get together, 
the family is, for lack of a better word, 
{and opinionated, argumentative, funny and loving}
The drive there was only about four hours which wasn't bad at all,
but goes a little something like this. 

Spencer: This isn't fair. 
The tallest in the family shouldn't have to be crammed in the back seat.

Me: You're the youngest.

Spencer: Well you're the shortest, so you should be back here.

Me: I'm your elder. 

Mom: Stop arguing.

AJ: Well why couldn't we have taken two cars?

Dad: Zip it.

Spencer: Can someone please turn up the music? 

Brandon: I have to pee.

Me: I'm freezing, I can hardly feel my face.
Why do we have to have the air blasting?

Spencer farts. 

  Me rolling down the window: Mooom!
If he does this the whole trip I'm gonna lose my mind!

Dad laughs and turns down the music.

Mom turns around: Spencer, that is not okay. 

Spencer: I know, I know, I'm sorry.

Me: No he's not, he's still smiling.

AJ: It's sweltering in here. Is it too much to ask to get some air flow?

Me: It's finally comfortable!

Dad: Well why did you wear your barbie t-shirt?
{they refer to all of my clothes as barbie clothes because they are "too small"}

Me: You want me to wear a huge winter coat in the car??

Mom: She loves to prance around in her tank tops but she's always cold.

Me: I'm wearing a sweatshirt for crying out loud!

Brandon: I have to pee...again.

Spencer farts.

Although I'm getting cranky just thinking about the drive,
we had an amazing time once we got there. 
We stayed at New York, New York which is my favorite Vegas hotel. 
For those of you that haven't been,
the inside is made to look like the city streets of New York,
complete with cobble stone streets, manhole covers,
bedroom windows and fire escapes,
street signs, hot dog vendors,
trees and cafes.

Taken with my iPhone but you get the idea. This was inside the hotel.
View from the hotel room
We couldn't take our nice camera into the theater - so again my trusty iPhone came to the rescue.
On the strip with my brother AJ & his girlfriend Ro {and although that looks like it should be my hand on Brandon's neck - it's my brother's. My hand is not that large.}

The next day was spent mostly eating and shopping. 

Reminiscing about being in Paris a couple of years ago.

The sparkly head band/ear warmers that I bought.

Il Fornaio for dinner - my parent's 32nd anniversary :-)

Brother AJ and husband Brandon

 And there was no way we could go all the way to Vegas
and not stop by the pawn shop from Pawn Stars
which we watch all the time. 

The line wrapped around the building so we didn't actually go inside. Darnit.

This really was unlike any other Christmas we've experienced. 
And although it wasn't the most traditional Christmas,
it was one that was filled with family, food and laughter.
A lot of laughter.
What more could you ask for?




Ruthie Hart said...

you look so fab in Vegas! How fun to be there on Christmas!

Karla said...

Hahah that car ride sounds interesting to say the least! Your just like me I am forever freezing .. I really do think other people are abnormal and I’m the normal one!
That head band is super cute.. and you sure are rocking those boots!!

Tammy @ Lemons, Avocados, and the Bay said...

So fun.. and I thoroughly enjoyed the recap of your family's car conversation. I can soo relate haha.

and isn't Lion King amazing? I love that show

Anonymous said...

I am dying laughing at the exchange in the car!!! I have found myself in similar situations... :o)

I LOVE that hotel ya'll stayed at! What a cool place! I've never been to Vegas, but hope to soon!!

kenli said...

looks like so much fun! vegas is in my agenda within the next two years. (i hope!!)

i'm also a new follower - feel free to stop by :)

meesch said...

wow, those photos were taken with your iPhone?! They're awesome! And that car trip totally takes me back to my family vacations when I was younger... which I definitely don't have the patience to endure anymore haha

Love your blog = )


Hollie Ann said...

this looks like so much fun! you are so pretty! i really want to do new years in vegas it's on my b ucket list!

Alexis Kaye said...

how fun! I've never really thought about taking a vacation for Christmas :) You look beautiful. and I love your car conversation. I have brothers. 3. older. I understand. hahahah

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