Saturday, December 17, 2011

Gray Home

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This is our second Christmas as a married couple
and I was so excited to pull out the decorations that we bought last year. 
My mother-in-law got us garland with Christmas lights for the windows
and I ordered our adorable stocking hanger on Etsy.
 Brandon's mom made his stocking when he was little
and she handed it over to me after we got married. 
 I also have to make another shout out to our faux fireplace
and the mini tree that adorns it this month.
Can you tell from the reflection that our garland fell down?
Charlie Brown Christmas Tree
We decided to hang our Christmas cards with magnets 
around the frame in our dining room
 Speaking of Christmas cards
Kelly's came with a handmade magnet <3

I'd love to see all of your cozy, decked out homes!



Kelly Anne said...

Aww this post made me so happy! Thanks for the shout out! Xoxo

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