Friday, December 2, 2011


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Today was a special day.
Brandon was sworn-in to the state of California
and is officially an attorney licensed to practice law.

not quite sure when that one will sink in.

Taking his oath {and looking handsome doing it}

I took the day off work and we attended the 
Thomas Jefferson School of Law breakfast 
prior to the ceremony. 


We got to see Paul & Bailey {who we adore}

Paul just passed the bar as well 
and got a job in Arizona
so they moved :-(

Do we look like two proud girls or what?

Afterwards we went to Sbicca in Del Mar
which we had heard so much about
and which has a beautiful view of the ocean.
Is all I have to say about that. 

Now it's back to the grind for me
{one more paper to turn in before the semester ends}
and an afternoon nap for Lucy and Brandon

So smile, it's Friday!




Jane said...

Wow that is so exciting! Congratulations to you both. You look so happy! And your dress is adorable.

Newlymeds said...

So exciting! Congrats to you and your hubby!

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