Monday, December 12, 2011

Monday Who?

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So to pour salt in my Monday Blues,
it was cold and rainy this morning
{the perfect weather to stay in bed}
And on my way to work,
the skies opened and it poured
{such a Monday thing to do}
And then I got to work only to realize that I forgot
my security badge and had to wait
-in the rain-
 for the receptionist to let me in.

And even though I was kind of a sicky this weekend,
it still beats the work week.
So this is what I'll be thinking about all day:

Marty's Oatmeal Chocolate Chip Cookies
{Inquire for recipe}

Twinkle lights on our dresser mirror
{aren't they so pretty??}


Jersey Shore Marathon
You won't share my deep dark secret with anyone will you?
I had to catch up on their Italian adventure.
Plus, the twinkle lights deemed it nearly impossible to get out of bed.

 Jackie's Baby Shower!
{my 7th baby shower this year}

I hope Monday is gentle on everyone today!



Ruthie Hart said...

7th baby shower!!!!!! holy smokes!

Kelly Anne said...

Love your twinkle lights! Mondays are the worst, hoping today flies by for you. Xoxo

Whitney & Devin said...

How fun I am loving the lights on the dresser!!! Sigh, Monday was rainy here too... at least now its Tuesday!!!

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