Thursday, December 8, 2011

Flashcard Burning Ceremony

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 "When I pass the bar, we can burn all of my flashcards."

Brandon made this promise to me over the summer 
after I declared that I hated his flashcards and the time they 
demanded of my new husband.

They came along on car rides and to birthday parties.
They made me the third wheel at breakfast and at the beach. 
They even made their appearance at a Padre's baseball game.

They stuck their tongue out at me when they
got to accompany him during his hibernation in the office.
He came out only to seek nourishment.
And guess what?
{they got to sit at the dinner table with us too}
Today I collected on his promise. 

Brandon and I went down to Moonlight Beach
with the box of those smug flashcards,
some lighter fluid,
and a pile of wood.

 It felt so good. 

Who's laughing now you little paper party poopers? 
{this girl}

I found it fitting that we chose to say goodbye this way.
The sun really has set on this chapter of our lives. 

And I'm so excited to see what's next.
{without any third-wheels}



Ruthie Hart said...

WOO HOO! Congratulations girl! I know how much of a big deal the bar is!! And how fun to go burn those babies....I loved throwing away all my notes and notecards immediately after finishing up a final, it felt so good!! My brother in law is a 3L and my sister is counting down the days until he graduates in May!

Anonymous said...

Congratulations!!!! That is HUGE!!! And I love the closure ceremony. :o) I completely know how this feels. When my husband was preparing for the CPA exam, I didn't see him for 6 months.

Anonymous said...

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