Thursday, December 1, 2011

Shopping for the male species

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Do any other ladies find that guys are really hard to shop for?
Every year it's the same story.
My dad and husband are always the last people left on my list.

This year B and I made Operation Christmas Child Boxes
in lieu of presents to one another
BUT we're still doing stocking stuffers...
which means I'm still struggling.
{especially since he rocked my stocking last year and mine wasn't quite up to par}

I figured I can go the sports route
{but the Chargers are sucking this season}
Or the sentimental route,
or the funny route...
which almost always wins in my book.

While on the hunt this year I came across these ideas and had to share.
You'll either find them as amusing as I did
or just think I'm weird.

{for the nerdy husband - although what guy doesn't like Star Wars?}

{yes, please}

{Do guys even wear bandaids? I think they'd be more inclined with these bad boys around}
{Sadly, anything that has to do with farts is always a hit in my family}

Does anyone have any ideas? Help a sister out.
I have to make a better stocking than he does this year.
Surely you understand how important this is?
Thanks in advance.



Anonymous said...

Those bacon bandaids are hysterical!!!! My husband would LOVE those! He always gets stuck wearing the My Little Pony bandaids. Poor guy. :o)

I agree with you though - guys are the hardest. And now my sister is married, so I have my brother in law to buy for, too. I just have no clue....

Anonymous said...

Oh i love the bacon bandaids, you should so put those in the stocking! love it!

Ruthie Hart said...

omg those bandaids are amazing! I need to get them for my dad and brother who each eat 5 pieces of bacon for breakfast every morning haha!

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